6.7L Cummins-Based Enforcer Engine

Diesel performance is Drew Pumphrey's drug of choice. He admits he's hooked, addicted, has needed to win competitions to pay for gas to get home, and missed Thanksgiving dinners to work on diesel engines. That level of dedication shines at his shop, D&J Precision Machine, where he builds fully custom diesel engines like this Enforcer engine, based off a Cummins 6.7L. Find out what makes this one special diesel build!

466 cid LS7 Engine

When you walk the floor of the SEMA Show there's no shortage of amazing cars, engines and parts in every direction! Just take this 466 cid LS7 engine inside a Chevelle SS as an example! We stopped by Mast Motorsports to get the details. Find out what went into this Mast Motorsports-built LS7 engine!

2019 Diesel of the Year Contest

Help us choose the 2019 Diesel of the Year winner! Simply scroll through the Top 10 diesel engines and vote for the engine you think deserves the title of Diesel of the Year 2019.

Stage 2 Duramax 6.6L LBZ

Founded in 1985, well before diesel performance was anything like it is today, PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) set out to change the diesel landscape. Today, the diesel innovator offers an array of products and diesel builds to up the ante in the industry such as this Stage 2 Duramax 6.6L LBZ engine that was on display at SEMA. Find out what went into the build!

440 cid LSX Methanol Engine

After spending time as a Marine, Kyle Thompson returned to civilian life with a serious need for speed. He started Thompson Motorsports to feed his passion, and today the Texas-based engine shop churns out 550 engines a year like this 440 cid LSX methanol engine for radial drag racing! Find out went into this low 4-second engine build!

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