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Triple Turbo 6.7L Cummins Engine

We recently attended the 2020 King of the Street Challenge held in West Salem, OH at Dragway 42. The competition, promoted by Smoke & Speed, was the third annual running of the diesel challenge, which pits diesel trucks up against

Compound Turbo LB7 Duramax Engine

For most of us unindoctrinated with diesel trucks, you likely share the view that they are huge, smokey, gas guzzler vehicles. That’s exactly what Wade Boyd initially thought before he bought himself an ‘02 Chevy Duramax and began to tinker

Turbocharged 6.4L Cummins Engine

Over the course of 11 years, Paul Cato has done a lot within the performance diesel industry. From working alongside Ryan Milliken and attending diesel technology school to working at Firepunk Diesel and HP Tuners to starting two different shops


Business & Management

Customer Service in a Crisis

The world is collectively trying to manage a health crisis, and families and businesses are suffering. Quality customer service has never been more important to your business. Your customers need to feel taken care of, now more than ever.  

HP Academy Teaches EFI Online

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, classrooms, as we know them, are not in session. You can’t physically distance in a small class in real life, but you can online. Virtual learning is now the new norm across the country. The

Utilizing Instagram

The Industry has changed, so should you. “One picture I posted got 7,600 likes, it reached 112,000 people, I got 982 profile visits from that post, 758 people saved it, and 208 people sent it to other people,” says Aaron

Higher Revving Education

What You Learn In Tuning School It’s a giant leap between torqueing down rod caps of an engine built with today’s latest high-performance parts and rooting around inside an engine’s computer. The big picture of computer tuning is getting inside


Getting a Good Clean

There are few things that can rejuvenate you like a good, hot shower. I can only imagine how awful it must have been a few hundred years ago having to bathe in stale, tepid water out of a small tub

Import Intrigue

A couple months ago in our diesel issue, I spoke about my new appreciation for diesel performance and what that crowd has been achieving with those engines. However, I also admitted, until recently, I wasn’t too familiar with diesels or

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Over the last few months, I can’t help but rewind and place myself back in early March when the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to spread in the United States. It seems like such a long time ago that we

Engine are Awesome, but There’s so Much More to Explore

With all the different types of automotive engines in the world tod ay, and those from many years ago, there’s really never a shortage of things to cover in our magazine each month and each year. From the engines used


Industry Insiders – Leah Pruett, Don Schumacher Racing

We caught up with Leah Pruett at the 2019 SEMA Show to talk about her path to becoming a driver in the upper echelon of drag racing and what keeps her motivated to be the best driver out there – male or female.

Industry Insiders: Cristy Lee of Garage Squad

You've seen her on TV for years. Cristy Lee is the co-host of shows such as All Girls Garage, Barrett-Jackson and Garage Squad on Motor Trend TV. We caught up with the busy TV personality to see how her 2020 has been shaping up.

Industry Insiders: Krysten Anderson (Part 2)

On August 8, 2020, Monster Jam drivers set 6 new Guinness World Records. One of those records was set by Krysten Anderson in Grave Digger and she tells us all about the experience of jumping more than 30-vertical-feet in a 12,000-lb. monster truck.

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