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Engine of the Year Contest

Now in its sixth year, our Engine of the Year contest is back, and the nominees keep getting more impressive! To help us choose the 2022 winner, we’re going to need your votes! Simply scroll through the Top 10 engines below and choose the engine you think deserves the crown of Engine of the Year 2022.

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The Top 10 engines are the most popular engines from our Engine of the Week series, sponsored by PennGrade1, Elring Das Original, NPW Companies, and Engine & Performance Warehouse Inc., and one will be named Engine of the Year with your help. Vote below by clicking the circle under the engine you think should win, then hit submit at the bottom of the page. Your name and email IS required. Voting ends at 12am EST on October 28, 2022. The winning engine and engine builder will be announced in December.

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Shop: M&M Race Cars & Competition Engines in Gleason, TN
Engine Builder: Justin Melton
Location: Gleason, TN
Features: 598 Brodix block, Brodix 380 CNC cylinder heads, custom crankshaft, aluminum rods, Wiseco pistons, a roller camshaft, T&D rockers, Isky or BAM lifters, Moroso oil pan, triple 1,600 cfm carbs from Get‘M Performance, Blower Shop 14-71 XR-1 supercharger
Performance: 2,600-2,800 horsepower at 7,600 rpm
Application: Top Dragster engine
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Shop: Alex Taylor Racing
Engine Builder: Alex and Dennis Taylor
Location: Booneville, AR
Features: cast iron 512 cubic inch Dart block, 9.75:1 compression, twin 88mm Precision turbos, three sets of injectors (two sets of 2200 DeatschWerks injectors and a set of 800-lb. per hour AFIS injectors), a custom crankshaft, billet rods, a Crower valvetrain, an Isky solid roller cam and Isky lifters, AFR 18-degree Magnum cylinder heads, AFR intake, Holley Dominator EFI, a dry sump oiling setup, and it runs on methanol at the track and pump gas on the street
Performance: low 7s/high 6s in the 1/4 mile
Application: 1955 Chevy 210 street/strip car
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Shop: Baldwin Racing Engines
Engine Builder: Jeff Baldwin
Location: Friedheim, MO
Features: an aftermarket crank, rod and piston assembly, aftermarket heads, piston cooling jets, roller cam bearings, thermal coatings, a two-barrel Holley carburetor from Willy’s, an S&S engine cradle, and a Jones drive.
Performance: 375-400 horsepower
Application: Demolition Derby
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Shop: Noonan Race Engineering
Engine Builder: Jamie Noonan
Location: Spartanburg, SC
Features: 4.8˝ billet Hemi block with 572 cubic inches, all-new billet X2 cylinder heads, X2 billet manifold, X2 billet rocker covers, and is available for screw/roots supercharger or turbo/ProCharger combinations. Internally it features a forged crank, aluminum rods, CP pistons, Total Seal rings, Trend wristpins, a custom Bullet camshaft, Clevite coated bearings, Jesel lifters, PSI springs, Manley valves, and Reid or Manton rockers. Additional components include an MSD Pro Mag 44, MSD leads, a Dan Olson oil pan, a Barnes dry sump oil pump, an RCD mag drive and RCD fuel pump extension, and a Noonan front cover and gear drive assembly.
Performance: 3,000-3,200 horsepower
Application: Tractor pulling on mini rods or for Outlaw Pro Mod configurations
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Shop: Willis Performance Enterprises
Location: Mt. Kisco, NY
Features: Ford Godzilla’s stock iron block (445 cid and 4.53” bore spacing), a 6-bolt main journal configuration, a stock forged-steel crankshaft (destroked to 3.93” from 3.98”), stock aluminum cylinder head castings with CNC work done by Visner Engine Development, a 60mm cam bore, a chain-driven variable-volume oil pump, variable cam timing, Wiseco 13:1 compression pistons with a stock bore of 4.220˝, aluminum connecting rods, King rod bearings, Mahle main bearings, a WPE main bolt kit, a 417 Motorsports oil pan, a 60mm mechanical roller camshaft from Charlie Wescott at Militia Motorsports, Jesel keyed lifters, Jesel shaft-mount rocker arms with a Visner Engine Development pedestal system, 2.25˝ Manley titanium intake valves and 1.70˝ titanium exhaust valves, Trend 1/2-inch pushrods, PAC springs, a Visner Engine Development billet intake manifold and throttle body, a Team Z Motorsports custom induction tube, and a ProCharger crank drive system and ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger with a ProRace blowoff valve.
Performance: 1,500+ horsepower
Application: 1993 Fox body Mustang
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Shop: Rich Franzman Race Engines
Engine Builder: Rich Franzman
Location: Lake Havasu City, AZ
Features: a Dart 10.200˝ tall deck iron block, a 5.000˝ stroke 4340 crankshaft, 6.700˝ rods, ARP 2000 rod bolts, JE F.S.R. forged dome pistons, a low-friction .043/.043/3.0mm ring package, a Dart sequential cathedral port intake manifold, a COMP Cams timing cover, a Holley 1150 carburetor, Mercury Marine HD trunnion roller rocker arms, a mechanical roller camshaft, and performance-upgraded, aluminum Raylar cylinder heads, which feature CNC machining and porting, a five-angle valve job, steel valve seats, bronze valve guides, new valve seals, Nitride-treated intake and exhaust valves (2.25˝ intake / 1.88˝ exhaust) with 11/32 stainless steel valve stems, hardened-steel rocker arm studs, 107cc combustion chambers, 315cc high-velocity intake ports, and 135cc high-velocity exhaust ports.
Performance: 900-1,100 horsepower at 5,700-6,300 rpm
Application: boat
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Shop: Ohio Crankshaft
Engine Builder: Corey Bohl
Location: Greenville, OH
Features: a 4.000” stroke crank and 6.000” rods, flat top pistons with an 11:1 compression, a Straub Technologies hydraulic roller camshaft, Morel lifters. BES Racing Engines CNC-ported the cylinder heads, a Victor Tunnel Ram, COMP Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers, two 650 Holley carbs done by ATM Innovation, a stud girdle, Doug’s 2” primary headers, and clear valve covers
Performance: 675 horsepower
Application: 1967 Nova street/strip car
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Shop: Hot Rods by Havliks
Engine Builder: Jesse Havlik
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Features: a Dart block, 380 Dart heads, a Profiler intake, 1250 Dominators from Competition Carburetion, a modified BDS blower scoop, Scat rods, Mahle pistons, Jesel valvetrain components, a .900 lift camshaft, and spring oilers.
Performance: 1,000+ horsepower
Application: 1974 Opel street/strip car
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Shop: Arrington Performance / Diversified Creations
Engine Builder: Mike Copeland
Location: Brighton, MI
Features: a brand-new LS3 block, a K1 crankshaft, K1 rods, Wiseco custom pistons, LS3 cylinder heads, engine oil squirters, Inconel exhaust valves, production rocker arms with a trunnion kit, a custom ground Arrington camshaft, a Magnuson 2650 supercharger, and runs on a gaseous hydrogen stored in a tank in the bed.
Performance: 500 horsepower, 9:1 compression, 15-lbs. of boost
Application: hydrogen-powered 1948 Chevy truck
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Shop: Goodwin Competition
Engine Builder: Todd Goodwin
Location: Ormo, WI
Features: an all-billet, 5.000” bore space block, a 5.000” stroke and a 4.750” bore (709 cid), a billet steel crankshaft, billet connecting rods, custom CP or Diamond pistons with tool steel tapered wall pins, custom Total Seal piston rings, a custom 70mm camshaft from either Howard’s or COMP with nine roller cam bearings and DLC keyed lifters from Jesel, Victory titanium valves and titanium retainers, PSI springs, Jesel or WW Engineering shaft-mounted rockers with needle bearing roller tips and custom rocker stands, Manton heat-treated pushrods with alloy tips, a Jesel belt drive, water-jacketed and reverse-flow-fed CNC-ported cylinder heads, a Dailey Engineering 5-stage dry sump oiling system with an external oil pump, a lightweight billet sheet-metal intake manifold, two GC/Pro Systems 4-barrel Dominator carburetors, and an MS3Pro ECU from DIYAutoTune/Hoffman Innovations Network.
Performance: 1,200-1,300 horsepower, in excess of 15:1 compression
Application: James “Doc” McEntire’s 1968 Chevy Camaro nicknamed “See Red”
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