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Diesel of the Year Contest

Our Diesel of the Year contest, sponsored by AMSOIL, is now in its fourth year, and this year’s crop of diesel engines are top notch! To help us choose the 2022 Diesel of the Year winner, we’re going to need your votes! Simply scroll through the Top 10 diesel engines below and choose the engine you think deserves the honor of Diesel of the Year 2022.

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The Top 10 engines are the most popular engines from our Diesel of the Week series, sponsored by AMSOIL, and one will be named Diesel of the Year with your help. Vote below by clicking the circle under the engine you think should win, then hit submit at the bottom of the page. Your name and email IS required. Voting ends at 12am EST on October 28, 2022. The winning engine and engine builder will be announced in December.

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Shop: DNR Customs
Engine Builder: Derek Rose
Location: Casco, MI
Features: a Wagler Performance Competition cylinder head, D&J front cover, Dynamite Diesel injectors, Aviaid dry sump oil pump, Diamond pistons, Trend Performance pushrods, Fleece Performance bridges, stock rockers, stock 6.7L Cummins crank, a Forced Inductions 107mm GT55 turbo and two 91/100s for the dyno, and nitrous.
Performance: 3,000+ horsepower
Application: 2006 regular cab Dodge 2500
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Shop: Porky’s Diesel Performance
Engine Builder: Dave Workman
Location: Port Deposit, MD
Features: a stock 5.9L Cummins crank, stock rods, ARP hardware, ported cylinder head, new valvetrain components, a compound turbo system (75mm over a 102mm), and a 13mm P-pump
Performance: 1,300 horsepower
Application: 1957 Ford F100
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Shop: Unrivaled Diesel
Engine Builder: Chris Patterson
Location: Weatherford, TX
Features: a set of triple turbos (an 83/96 triple ball bearing turbo on the manifold and two Turbo Diesel Inc. Forced Inductions 76/87s on the atmosphere), twin Exergy Performance 14mm CP3 race pumps, Flux Diesel 450% competition hybrid injectors, dual 290-gph FASS lift pump systems, a Hamilton Competition modified block with concrete-filled water jackets and fire rings, D&J stage 3 fire-ringed cylinder head, a factory crank, a billet camshaft, a girdle, 14mm ARP main studs from Bean Machine, D&J X-beam rods, and stock compression pistons
Performance: 3,400 horsepower
Application: ’07 Dodge Ram 3500
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Shop: Mario High Performance Diesel
Engine Builder: Mario Monette
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Features: in-house machining and engineering on mostly used parts to go from 15.0L to 17.3L, a stock crankshaft, custom machined rods and pistons, custom copper head gaskets, 2,000 gph FASS fuel system, compound turbos (118mm Precision turbo in the valley and a 143mm Precision turbo as the atmospheric), 14mm plunger injectors (double the size of the stock 8mm CAT injectors), and a standalone ECM.
Performance: 4,000 horsepower
Application: 1988 Peterbilt 379
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Shop: Stainless Diesel & Wagler Competition Products
Engine Builder: Jeremy Wagler & Johnny Gilbert
Location: Odon, IN & Middlebury, IN
Features: a 6.7L Cummins crankshaft with 4.250″ bore coated pistons, Wagler heavy-duty connecting rods, a roller camshaft, Manton rockers, two S&S CP3 12mm fuel pumps, massive 600% injectors, a nitrous cannon, a single 98mm GTX-based turbo built at Stainless Diesel, and two Turbosmart wastegates
Performance: 3,500 horsepower and 30:1 compression
Application: Pro Mod Corvette
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Shop: Sin City Diesel & Off-Road
Engine Builder: Frank Davis
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Features: standard bore, un-sleeved 6.7L Cummins, stock Cummins crank, 14mm main studs, Wagler Street Fighter connecting rods, Mahle pistons with valve reliefs, Trend steel DLC-coated wrist pins, Enoch Motorsports machine work, a Power Driven Diesel ported head with an XDP valvetrain, OEM Cummins rockers, XDP 7/16ths pushrods, a Hamilton 160/220 cast camshaft with the crank and cam gears welded onto both, a Goerend flexplate, a Fluidampr high power kit, ARP 625 head studs, Haisley fire rings, a set of Dynomite Diesel Products 200% over injectors, a Fleece dual CP3 kit, a compound turbo setup (Forced Inductions S472 and a Power Driven Diesel Aggressor S488), and nitrous.
Performance: 1,300-1,500 horsepower
Application: ‘06 2500 Mega Cab for drag racing and sled pulling
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Shop: Dirty Hooker Diesel
Engine Builder: Tony & Tyler Burkhard
Location: Harbor Beach, MI
Features: a 460 cid billet aluminum block from LSM Systems Engineering, Wagler aluminum cylinder heads, larger valves, a Wagler camshaft, fire rings, a Winberg crankshaft, ARP studs and hardware, R&R aluminum connecting rods, Diamond pistons, five different nitrous jets, a T6 Precision turbo with a 106mm compressor wheel, dual 45mm Precision wastegates, DHD high-flow exhaust manifolds with double stitch titanium manifold blankets and heat wrap, two Exergy stroker 14mm CP3 pumps, Exergy 400% injectors, and a Bosch standalone ECU.
Performance: 2,500 hp
Application: UCC competition / 2006 Chevy Silverado
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Shop: Hollyrock Customs & Wagler Competition Products
Engine Builder: Jeremy Wagler
Location: Hollywood, MD & Odon, IN
Features: an LML block, LLY-based fueling supported by S&S Diesel Motorsport, dual CP3 pumps, 400% over injectors, Wagler Competition Products machine work, billet crankshaft, custom pistons, Stainless Diesel twin turbos, and nitrous
Performance: 4.20-4.50 1/8th-mile
Application: ODSS dragster
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Shop: Zeigler Diesel Performance
Engine Builder: Drew Pumphrey & Justin Zeigler
Location: Cambridge, OH & Canton, OH
Features: a D&J Precision Machine Enforcer series deck-plated long block, cast-iron block, cylinder sleeves, 1-inch HD deck plate, fire-ringed cylinder head, FSR pistons, Total Seal piston rings, 7/16ths pushrods, ARP head studs, ARP 9/16th main studs, D&J front cover, Exergy 400% injectors, two Exergy 14mm pumps and a billet rail, a Bosch ECM, compound turbos (5.3″ Wimer Fuel Injection low-pressure unit and an 88mm Garrett GT55 on the manifold), and nitrous
Performance: 3,300+ horsepower
Application: UCC competition truck
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Shop: Warren County Diesel
Engine Builder: Steve Royalty & Scheid Diesel
Location: Franklin, OH & Terre Haute, IN
Features: a billet aluminum 6.7L Cummins block bored .030” over, a Scheid modified Cummins crankshaft, Diamond pistons, R&R/Scheid Diesel connecting rods, a Scheid/COMP solid roller camshaft, Cook and Sons valvetrain components, titanium intake valves and Inconel exhaust valves, a cast steel cylinder head, triple turbos (two Forced Inductions 82mm atmospheric turbos feeding into a custom 105mm turbo), a DSR gear-driven fuel pump, a 14mm injection pump, Scheid triple-feed injectors, a custom-fabricated intake manifold, and a Jones Racing dry sump oil pump and custom dry sump pan and tank
Performance: 2,500+ horsepower and 3,000+ lb.-ft. of torque
Application: Climate Change, a 2000 Dodge Dakota ODSS Pro Mod truck
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