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Engine Builder Magazine’s
March 2014 Stock Gas & Diesel & High Performance
Buyers Guides

We’ve made it even easier to update and select your desired options for the 2014 Engine Builder's Buyers Guides. The email you received included a PIN code. Simply enter it below and click Login to be able to choose your listing type, update your categories, and confirm your profile information.


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  • Reach 15,062 subscribers & 14,146 unique business locations.
  • The only Buyers Guides of equipment, parts & services JUST for engine builders.
  • Advertisers’ complete product lines listed in both print and on-line versions of the Buyers Guides.
  • Non-advertisers limited to three product listings.
  • Purchase an ad in one Buyers Guide, receive an ad of same size in second Buyers Guide at a 50% discount.
  • Free 4-color Product Spotlight with ad.

“Enhanced Listing” For On-Line Buyers Guide

  • An ad in either Buyers Guide allows you to purchase an “Enhanced Listing” in the On-Line version of the Engine Builders Buyers Guide for just $1,200 (See example below and on the next page).

Ad Reservations Close Feb. 7 Ad Materials Are Due Feb. 14