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Goodson & Fast Forward Race Engines’ Main Cap Pullers

Goodson partnered with Fast Forward Race Engines to bring you these main cap pullers for Coyote, Hemi and LS engines.

Goodson Premium Micrometers

Available individually or as a 6-piece set in a wooden storage case.

UltraSonic Products Now Available from Goodson

Goodson now offers UltraSonic LLC cleaning machines and supplies. These items are stocked and shipped from UltraSonic LLC to your location. WHY ULTRASONIC CLEANING? Cleaner parts at lower cost The power of cavitation — attacks contaminants in hard-to-reach areas Increased lifespan for clean parts. Well maintained parts are likely to last longer and perform better

Goodson Dial Bore Gauge

This popular dial bore gauge setting fixture is FINALLY back in the product line. We’ve been searching for a replacement direct reading micrometer for what seems like ages, and at last we’ve been successful.  With heavy, billet steel construction and a quality Mitutoyo micrometer, you can set the dial bore gauge quickly and accurately between

dial bore
Choosing a Valve Spring Compressor

In this Goodson Tech Lab Tuesday video, Davy Monyhan talks about and demonstrates the larger valve spring compressors in the Goodson line. He talks about both manual and pneumatic units.

Goodson compressors
Goodson Dual Stage Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor

If you could describe a Valve Spring Compressor as sweet, this is the one it fits. This Goodson lightweight 6061 / 7075 T-6 Aluminum Spring Compressor is capable of producing 1,000 pounds of force for working with monster springs. Included is a dual stage pneumatic air pump to make it easier to achieve 1,000 pounds of

Goodson Valve Compressor
Goodson High Performance Resurfacing Spray

HPS-16 gives you more performance from your PCD inserts and prolongs the life of your cutters.

Goodson Named Exclusive Source for Sunnen SGM/VGS Tooling & Consumables

Goodson is proud to have been selected by Sunnen Products Company to provide support for SGM/VGS Specific Tooling and Consumables. Starting August 1, 2022, customers can purchase select tools and supplies directly from Goodson. Product Families Include: VSIAcutterinserts SGMseatcutterbodies/insertholders VSCseatcutters ASPCseatpocketcutterheads VSpilots CPpilots CVPpilots VGSdrills,reamers&spotfacers Most of the available items are listed on Goodson’s website.

Goodson’s Stroker Mimic Tool 

This tool eliminates the need to install and remove the crankshaft, pistons, rod assemblies and necessary bearings when clearancing the block for the stroker crank.

Goodson Black Diamond Hyper-Finish Valve Guide Sizing System

This Goodson Valve Guide Sizing System is more durable and accurate than its predecessor.

Goodson Valve
Goodson Thin-Wall Bronze-Liners

These bronze liners from Goodson retains lubrication while reducing wear.

Bronze Liners
Goodson Valve Lapping Compound

If you have a particularly stubborn dowel pin you’re trying to remove, you can add a dab of lapping compound then use your dowel pin puller to extract it. 

Goodson Valve Lapping