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F1 Drivers Ranked by Potential Instagram Earning Power

Formula 1 drivers are frequently the center of attention in the media. But what about when left to their own devices? Analysts at TopRatedCasinos.co.uk were intrigued by social media popularity and just how much F1 drivers could potentially bag through Instagram earnings.

TopRatedCasinos.co.uk revealed that Lewis Hamilton takes the top spot. With a whopping 20.4 million followers on Instagram, the Mercedes driver could potentially earn $67,780 per sponsored post. Not only is he boasting an impressive 265 points at the top of the F1 table, but he also has the highest earning potential of all current F1 drivers – $55,285 more than the second-place driver.

The second-highest F1 earner on Instagram is Charles Leclerc, potentially receiving $12,495 per post. Although lagging far behind first place, Leclerc’s earnings are still impressive thanks to his 3.7 million followers.

Daniel Ricciardo can earn the third-highest salary from Instagram, just $81 less than Leclerc, at an estimated $12,413.75 per post. The charismatic Aussie currently sits in fourth position in the table with 75 points for Renault and boasts 3.7 million followers on Instagram. 

Red Bull’s top-performing driver, Max Verstappen, can potentially earn up to $12,200 by utilizing sponsored posts on Instagram. Although he places as the fourth-highest earner, Verstappen maintains 162 points in the Formula 1 table, sitting closely behind Bottas. 

In fifth position is British driver Lando Norris who can expect an estimated $7,395 for each Instagram post. He has 2.2 million followers, 1,347 posts and currently sits in seventh place on the F1 table.

Following in sixth and seventh are Kimi Räikkönen and Carlos Sainz who could potentially receive $6,963.75 and $6,266.25 respectively through sponsored Instagram posts.

Which F1 Driver Could Earn the Most Through Instagram?

 DriverInstagram (@)FollowersPotential earnings per post ($)
1 Lewis Hamilton lewishamilton 20.4m$67,780
2 Charles Leclerc charles_leclerc 3.7m$12,495
3 Daniel Ricciardo danielricciardo 3.7m$12,413.75
4 Max Verstappen maxverstappen1 3.6m$12,200
5 Lando Norris landonorris 2.2m$7,395
6 Kimi Räikkönen kimimatiasraikkonen 2.1m$6,963.75
7 Carlos Sainz carlossainz55 1.8m$6,266.25
8 Valtteri Bottas valtteribottas 1.7m$5,908.75
9 George Russell georgerussell63 930k$4,631.25
10 Romain Grosjean grosjeanromain 907k$4,513.75
11 Alexander Albon alex_albon 870k$4,337.50
12 Pierre Gasly pierregasly 1.2m$4,266.25
13 Esteban Ocon estebanocon 696k$3,465
14 Nico Hulkenberg hulkhulkenberg 1m$3,393.75
15 Sergio Perez schecoperez 1m$3,328.75

*Note: Sebastian Vettel was not included as he does not have an Instagram account.

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