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Marketing in the Age of Social Media

The ability to create a brand is no longer under the control of a product or service provider, nor the ad agencies. In today’s world, brands are now created by one entity more than any other, and that entity is social media.

The Best-Kept Secret to Generate More Referrals

As we all know, the most powerful form of advertising always has been, and always will be, word of mouth. Although every shop owner would like to believe the majority of their customers are songbirds, the reality is, they’re not. Here are some tips to help spread word about your shop.

Think Your Business Won’t Change? Think Again

All great companies have one thing in common: They realize industries and consumers need change, so they follow their customers. Your business is no different. Over the decades, the engine building business has transformed as well. So how are you changing with it?

The Truth About Stealing Employees

There is an expression that has been around our industry for decades that says if you run a good, ethical business, the one thing you should never do is “steal” employees. If you agree with that philosophy, this is one article you may want to read.

Tips on Hiring the Superstars in Competitive Times

One of the single greatest challenges engine shop owners face today is finding and hiring superstars. Here are some tips that will help you hire the stars.

Earning the Continued Trust of Your Internal Customers

Since it’s ­becoming increasingly difficult to find and hire the superstars, I would like to use this article to help you continue earning the trust of your employees. From my point of view, this debate is like having two children and being asked which one we love the most, because both your customers and your employees are equally important.

7 Business Building Tips For The Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is upon us, there are a number of things you can do to drive up productivity, sales, customer satisfaction and profits. Each one of the below tips worked wonders for me when I was still in the automotive business, and they are still effective today for many of our coaching clients, so I know they can work for you as well.

The Best-Kept Secret to Generating More Referrals

The reality is that regardless of how well you treat customers, and no matter how pleased they are with your service, when your customers walk out of your shop they’ll step back into their busy lives, and they will forget about you. They will think of you again only when they have a need for your services, or when a friend engages them in a conversation about auto repair. Here’s an easy-to-use procedure that will turn your customers into salespeople, and fill up your engine shop with customers who are presold on you.

Using Price Advertising to Target Ideal Customers

Believe it or not, price advertising is a good thing. I am sure you will agree, everyone likes to find a good value, and price advertising lets people in your community know that you are looking for ways to help them save money. The problem most shop owners come across is that they’re unsure of

7 Tips On Delivering Extraordinary Service

Most shop owners will start pumping more money into their marketing campaigns when they are looking to increase their business. This can help bring new customers into your engine shop, which is certainly important, but the value of your new customers diminishes if you’re unable to keep them coming back. There will be no greater

Now Could Be the Time Expand Your Shop

With today’s uncertainty, and with all the restraints that lenders have put into place, this still may be the best time for you to expand your business. It’s during these times that many of your competitors will struggle, hunt for a way out, and find that there are no buyers. With today’s uncertainty, and with

Phoning it In: 5 Tips On Handling Price Shoppers

In order for people to buy engine services from you, three things need to occur: they need to like you, trust you and view you as a credible engine builder.