Tom Glover, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Core Cleaning: A Closer Look at the Issues and Regulations That Are Driving Today’s Market

On the list of hot button issues in the engine rebuilding business, the disposal of waste usually takes a backseat to supplier consolidations, market share position, profitability and other topics. On the other hand, the amount of time, effort and money that rebuilders spend, all of it non-productive, in meeting regulatory requirements can be significant.

Cleaning Aluminum

"Ten years ago, when there wasn’t that much aluminum, people were scared," said Mike Wigert, sales manager of spraywasher manufacturer LS Industries. "They didn’t know how to regulate their ovens, they didn’t know which chemicals to use, and they were tarnishing their aluminum parts, and probably ended up hand cleaning a lot of them," he

Brake Review 1999: Vibration And Harshness Seem To Have Moved To The Head Of The Issues Line

A year ago, we described the term "application specific" as the buzzword of the aftermarket brake business. It was, and still is an important issue, brought about by the end of the "one friction material fits all" concept and awareness of how brakes perform in different vehicle designs, plus advances in testing methods. While application

Core Review 199: Talk Continues To Revolve Around Supply And Demand

The usual core supplier issues are all alive and well, and the talk among those in the core business continues to revolve around supply and demand, domestic and import cores, parts proliferation and the like. But this year there is a new concern, that being the involvement of Ford Motor Company and other large players

Updating The Asian Import Engine Market: The Learning Curve For Part Identification

"The learning curve for part identificationis awesome" says Bob Gibson as he describes the difficultiesof imported engine core identification. As vice president forsales and marketing at Engine Masters, Inc., a Dallas, TX, productionengine rebuilder, Gibson knows that the demand for import enginerebuilding is growing, and that he’ll do what it takes to be apart of

Can We Expand Demand: There Is A Better Alternative To Buying Or Leasing A New Or Used Car

Can the engine rebuilding industry increase the size of the marketfor replacement remanufactured engines over the next several years?Can engine rebuilders and their parts and equipment suppliersexpand consumer awareness about a rebuilt engine being a preferredalternative to buying or leasing a new car or truck, or installinga used engine? Chuck Barnett, president of Dura-Bond Bearing

The Core Market Right Now Is Very Soft

Core suppliers throughout the industry aretrying to interpret the reasons for a slower market this year."The core market right now is very soft", says Bob Grady,president of Rebuilders Automotive Supply (RAS) in Cranston, RI."Unit sales are about the same, but prices and margins aredown and terms are longer, so profits are down too." It’s human

Shot Blasting Equipment Maintenance: Simple Does Not Mean Maintenance-Free

The technology of hurling steel or glass shot at more than 100 mph is pretty simple. But in the world of shot blasting machines, simple does not mean maintenance-free. The essence of these machines, no matter what their design, is that clean core parts come at the price of dramatic wear-down of media, as well

Rebuilt Market Reviews – Cores Market: The Perfect Example Of Supply And Demand

In some businesses, the classic law of supply and demand is hard to identify. But that’s not the case in the core business. “The core market is the perfect example of supply and demand,” comments John Lathan, plant engineer at The Hastings Co., a rebuilder in King, NC. “When one company is looking for a

Cv Market Travels Fast Track: Power To The Front Wheels Is The Drive System Of The Present And Future

Although sport utility vehicles, many still with rear wheel drive, are the hot sellers right now, few will dispute that power to the front wheels is the drive system of the present and future. A market for rebuilt front wheel drive axles and CV joints will be around for a long, long time. With few