Bill Holland, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Fastener Intricacies

At first blush, using fasteners properly seems like a straightforward task: tighten them to spec and all is well. But in reality, there are many nuances in the selection and application of fasteners that can make the difference between a well-built engine and a candidate for self-destruction.

Built for Auction

The criteria for selecting Engine Builder magazine’s inaugural “Performance Engine Builder of the Year” included much more than the ability to put together race-winning engines. Things like community involvement and the support of training and education were part of the mix. To be sure, our 2012 award winner, Ed Pink Racing Engines of Van Nuys,

HPBG: Ed Pink Racing Engines

The staff of Engine Builder and a panel of industry professionals, including presenting sponsor Driven Racing Oil have selected Ed Pink Racing Engines of Van Nuys, CA, as their choice for the inaugural “Performance Engine Builder of the Year” award – and for good reason. With a body of work going back over 50 years,