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Resurfacing Cylinder Heads

If your cylinder heads don’t have a perfectly flat, shiny surface, they’re not done right and you’ll need to do those again. Steve Morris explains why a correct surface finish is so crucial.

Engine Tear Down Time Lapse

Steve gets Tom Bailey’s SMX engine back at Steve Morris Engines to be torn down after some record-setting race efforts. See what Steve finds once he gets inside!

The Importance of Block Resurfacing

Resurfacing the decks on blocks and heads is vital to getting high performance out of your engine.

Understanding Bearing Clearances: Part 2

Bearings may seem simple, but bearing selection, fit and installation can make or break your engine build. Steve Morris explains in part 2 of understanding bearing clearances.

Understanding Bearing Clearances: Part 1

Proper bearing clearance is a recipe that includes three key ingredients: the bearing, the crankshaft and oil.

How a Wastegate Works

Ever wonder what a wastegate is and how it functions with your turbo?

Properly Reading Spark Plugs

Join Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines as he gives you technical details about properly reading your spark plugs to maximize engine performance.