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Perspective On Using CBN Versus Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Cutters

In your June Shop Line you offered Jerry Lawson’s of DCM Tech, Inc., perspective on using CBN versus poly crystalline diamond (PCD) cutters. Have any other manufacturers voiced their opinions? In PERA’s May 1996 Current Concerns publication, Andy Rottler of Rottler Manufacturing made the following observations on CBN versus PCD cutters:Rottler says that due to

What Is The Recommended Surface Finish

Shop Line, Automotive Rebuilder, July 1996 Q A In the Production Engine Remanufacturers Association’s (PERA) May 1996 edition of Current Concerns, Ed Keibler of Sunnen Products Co., St. Louis, MO, says that the typical Ra finish on cast iron should be 60 to 110 Ra. On aluminum cylinder heads it is much smoother – typically