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Grinding Techniques: In Thousands Of Years, The Basics Of Grinding Haven’t Changed

Grinding is one of the oldest methods known for shaping and sharpening objects. It was first used in prehistoric times to make weapons and other tools by rubbing wood, stones, bones and eventually metal against hard, abrasive rocks. In thousands of years, the basics of grinding haven’t changed. We’re still rubbing an abrasive against metal

Cv Market Travels Fast Track: Power To The Front Wheels Is The Drive System Of The Present And Future

Although sport utility vehicles, many still with rear wheel drive, are the hot sellers right now, few will dispute that power to the front wheels is the drive system of the present and future. A market for rebuilt front wheel drive axles and CV joints will be around for a long, long time. With few

Engine Installation – A Growing Opportunity?

Engine rebuilders who are looking to expand their share of themarket may want to consider engine installations. Although somerebuilders may think installations are better left untouched,others are finding installations provide a profitable niche ina competitive market. Terry O’Donnell, manager of RPM Engines andMachines, Rohnert Park, CA, is just one of many rebuilders inthe industry who

Turn of the Wheel: Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA) CV and Rack Clinic

Once again the Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA) CV and Rack Clinic held May 4-5 in Chicago, was a huge success.Rich Lovely of Powerline, Inc., Roebuck, SC, and chairman of the APRA clinic did a fantastic job recruiting speakers and handling the many program details. The topic on grinding did not seem as heated as

Valve Guide Repair Options

One thing you can almost always count on when rebuilding a cylinder head is worn valve guides. The guides experience a lot of wear because of the constant friction between the guide and stem. To make matters worse, positive valve seals on late model engines prevent the guides from receiving much lubrication. Side forces on

Making Power From Big Block Fords

As noted last month, the first part of a big block Ford power program is to select the appropriate components and machine them properly. Part two entails coordinating the camshaft and valvetrain with an engine’s intended use, and then bolting everything together using proven high performance techniques. According to high performance Ford specialist Norm Wizner,

Lane Parts Co.: Many Rebuilders Are In A State Of Transition

It seems that many rebuilders are in a state of transition. Whether it’s due to changing ownership, technology, products or markets, almost all machine shops and engine rebuilders are facing increasing competition in an increasingly consolidated market. Lane Parts Co., Eugene, OR, Automotive Rebuilder’s 1996 Machine Shop of the Year, is no exception. This Northwest

Machine Shop Performance: This Month We Complete Our Extensive Market Profile

Part I of last month’s profile of the machine shop market revealed that engine production in business year 1995 was almost identical to that recorded in 1994. Based on a universe of 6,000 to 8,000 full-service machine shops, custom engine rebuilders produced between 1.4 million to 1.87 million engines in 1995. Last month’s data provided