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One of the only ways you can prove your worth as a race engine builder – besides on the racetrack, of course – is on a dynamometer. Being a shop without a dyno may be akin to running blindfolded: you can surely build a good engine, even a winning engine, but you probably won’t know

Racing Rocker Arm Technology

The rocker arms play a more important role than ever these days in high performance valvetrains. The rockers are the teeter-totters that translate the upward motion of the lifters and pushrods to the downward motion that opens the valves. It seems like a relatively simple task, but it demands the utmost from the design of

Automotive-Powered Inboard Hydroplanes

They’re fast, have power aplenty, can turn on a dime, and throw a huge column of water behind them. They’re called Inboard Hydroplanes and are one of the most exciting motorsports shows on water with their automotive powerplants. The Inboard Hydroplane The looks of these boats spell speed with fighter aircraft aerodynamics on both the

Crank It Up

Whether you think diesel crankshafts are the same as or different from their smaller gasoline counterparts, you’re right. Diesel crankshafts and rotating assemblies – like their cousins in the gas engine world – turn a linear motion from combustion into a rotating motion that can move a vehicle, supply power through a generator, pump oil

2012 Engine Builder Tech Solutions Guide

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