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When it comes to selling performance, nothing succeeds like success

Dick Fox, owner and president of Champion Racing Engines in McCordsville, IN, understands that, while customers may be impressed by his speed-shop showroom and his long time commitment to excellence, it

Ford 4.0L V6 Engine

The original 2.6L engine was replaced by the 2.8L, which was upgraded to the 2.9L and then finally bored and stroked to make it into the 4.0L that was used in the Rangers, Aerostars and Explorers starting in 1990. It was replaced by a SOHC engine from this same family at the end of model

How to Make a Valve

The steps involved with manufacturing heavy duty and passenger car valves During the 2000 calendar year, you read a considerable amount about the design, testing and operational considerations of engine valves. To complete the educational process, we will discuss a very important step in the lifecycle of a valve

Predicting the Future of E-commerce in the Aftermarket

Trying to predict the future of business is sometimes about as accurate as looking into a crystal ball. A reflection of the truth may be there, but the image can be easily distorted by timing, funding and unpredictable customer whim. Despite the uncertainty of these predictions, there are those who make it their business to

In a consolidating market place, those who do it best will be those who survive

You have a great opportunity to distinguish your shop from the rest of the shops doing business in your market area. How? By winning Automotive Rebuilder