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Small Block Chevy and Ford Performance Cylinder Heads

Over the years, the SB Chevy V8 evolved and grew in displacement from 265 to 283 to 302 to 327 to 350 to finally 400 cubic inches. Aftermarket blocks and stroker cranks have allowed even more displacement, with some “small blocks” now having as many cubic inches as a big block Chevy (427 and 454

E-Commerce: Is A Web Presence Right For Your Business Model?

E-commerce is one of those things that sounds too good to be true. To start with, you can do business from virtually any geographic location that has daily UPS or FedEx service, which means you can live just about anywhere you want. The mantra of location, location, location for a retail store just doesn’t apply.

Give Yourself A Lift

I thought it was time to supply a new photo for these articles. Yes, I have become a little older and maybe a little wiser but you can make your own decision about that. According to my wife I’m just older. So anyway the updated photo was way past due. This month I am going

2009 Machining & Engine Parts Guide

Click here to download the Tech Guide pdf.   Head & Block Decks & Gaskets Cylinder Bores & Piston Rings Valves & Valve Seats Cam Bores, Bearings & Camshafts    Sponsored by:                        

Flat or Tapered Cams and Flat or Crowned Lifters

It never occurred to me to even ASK whether the cam I recently had re-ground for a Buick Nailhead engine was ground with flat or tapered lobes. Like a great many others, I’d forgotten that some vintage engines had flat lobe surfaces because I’d gotten so used to everything having tapered lobes. This, unfortunately, can

Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Engine Rebuilding

The book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance demonstrates that working on motorcycles may be either dull and tedious drudgery or an enjoyable and pleasurable pastime; it all depends on the inner attitude, or lack thereof. Looking deeper into Zen and the Art, the narrator seems to point out that there are two different

Valve Seats & Machining Guide

Engine cooling doesn’t only happen at at the radiator. The valves (particularly the exhaust valves) take a lot of heat from the combustion chamber and the valve seats have the responsibility of helping to cool them off. The seats draw heat away from the valves and conduct it into the cylinder head, providing most of