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Cv Shafts Market: Cv Axle Rebuilding Business: There’s Definitely More Competition

When Dan Levine, president of Southland Clutch, Inc., in National City, CA, started his rebuilt axle operation three years ago, it seemed like a win/win situation. The projected growth of front-wheel-drive vehicles and the number of vehicles nearing service age were good reasons to pursue this market. Plus, his initial start-up costs were minimal since

Electrical Market The Market For Rebuilt Starters And Alternators Has Been Painfully Soft

So far this year, the market for rebuilt startersand alternators has been painfully soft for many rebuilders. Ina business that depends heavily on the weather to stimulate sales,a mild winter and a relatively cool spring and early summer havedone little to spur demand. For most rebuilders, sales have beenflat. In some areas of the country,

Clutch Market: Passenger Car And Light Truck Clutches

Optimism isn’t exactly running high these daysamong clutch rebuilders and their component parts suppliers, particularlywith respect to passenger car and light truck clutches. The marketis being squeezed on one side by an influx of new clutches fromoffshore suppliers, and on the other side by price pressures andtoo much competition. You might say it’s a gripping

Brakes Market: Brake Rebuilders Have No Intention Of Slowing Down

Despite a few bumps in the aftermarket roadto success, brake rebuilders have no intention of slowing down.Some brake industry professionals say that demand in the brakerebuilding market is pretty consistent compared to last year. "The market (in sales) seems to be following the same patternsas last year," said Steve Suber, friction materials managerfor EIS Brake