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PERA’s Core Corner: Back To the Basics On Engine Bearings

Have you ever heard the phrase “old wives’ tales?” My father used it all the time whenever something didn’t seem to make sense to him for the moment. For instance, most everyone knows this one: hang a horseshoe over your door for good luck. Now most of the world will do so with the open

Valve Selection: Hot Valve Materials for Hot Engines

Are stock valve materials good enough, or do you need to upgrade to valves that are made of a more durable alloy? If so, what kind of alloy? These are questions every engine builder must answer when selecting valves for performance engine applications. To the naked eye, most valves look pretty much the same. Unless

Marine Engines: Setting a Course for Profits

There are hundreds of thousands of motorboats cruising the waterways and coasts of America. It’s easy to think the market for rebuilding engines for all those crafts might be a niche ripe for the picking. Some rebuilders estimate the size of the marine engine market to be fairly small, perhaps less than 130,000 engines per

Cylinder Head Design and Modification – Getting Started

No one can teach you how to port heads in a single magazine article, not even as great a magazine as Engine Builder. “Blasphemy!” the editors are screaming, but it’s the truth, because every job is unique to itself and its intended use. There are many resources available, but if you are serious about learning