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The Obd Ii Shop: Will Machine Shops Be Able To Pass Added Technology Costs On To Their Customers?

These days, OEMs push the envelope in terms of precision engine building techniques. Will machine shops be able to pass added technology costs on to their customers? After a recent tour of the DaimlerChrysler Kenosha, WI, engine plant, I came away with a lot more questions than answers about the future of engine rebuilding, especially

High-Performance Engine Failure Analysis

As often as not, a high performance or race engine is built to replace one that already exists. When that

Machine Shop Market Profile

In Part I of our annual profile of the custom engine rebuilder/machine shop market (see June, 1999 issue, page 54) we provided details on the average number of engines, cylinder heads and crankshafts produced monthly by the typical machine shop during production year 1998. Also included in Part I

1999 Machine Shop Of The Year Award Winner: Metric Automotive Engineering Ltd

Each year, the staff at Automotive Rebuilder magazine recognizes one machine shop that displays business practices that go above and beyond the norm. This year, along with input from the Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA), we have selected Metric Automotive Engineering (Pty) Ltd., from Germiston South, Republic of South Africa. Metric was chosen from numerous entries