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Gasket Technology: The Science of Sealing

In spite of the fact that castings have gotten thinner, valvetrain components have gotten smaller and engines are more highly stressed than ever before. Today

High Performance Valve Jobs

Valve jobs are like a number of other automotive machining operations

The Fit Is In The Finish

Clean, flat and smooth. These three words describe the surface in an engine, not just the head and block. But how clean, how flat and how smooth do the surfaces really have to be to get a good, long lasting seal? It depends on the application. Clean means no dirt, oil, grease or residual gasket

Washington Way: The Prebate Program Is A Threat To Remanufacturing.

Imagine the following news item on August 1, 2001: "Today XYZ Corp., a major automobile parts supplier, announced that it will offer a 10% rebate on each of its new vehicle parts if the purchaser will agree to sign an agreement not to resell the part but to either return it to XYZ Corp. or