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I’ve noticed the crankshaft pulley on some Mazda engines don’t have keys. What is the proper installation procedure? The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding crankshaft pulley replacement for 2001-2005 Mazda 2.0L and 2.3L engines. The crankshaft pulley is not keyed to the crankshaft on these engines. If the crankshaft pulley bolt is

Machine Maintenance, Follow The Clues To Avoid The Comeback Blues

Even before you start the teardown, you can gather many clues about what needs to be done. Encourage your counter guys to engage in as much conversation with the customer as possible. Just listening to him tell why he is bringing you this engine will yield tons of information that goes a long way toward

PERA’s Core Corner: It’s Time To Say Goodbye To An Old Friend

by Roy Berndt I have a La-Z-Boy recliner that I probably should have retired ten years ago. Yet even today, it’s one of the most comfortable chairs that I have ever sat in. Because I hate the thought of giving it up, my next move will be to put it in the garage, where I

Advances in Cleaning Equipment

You could argue that the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Up until its introduction in households, people had to wash each dish individually, by hand, and dishpan hands were common among women and children. But the dishwasher changed all of that for families, and on its arrival, children everywhere


I have experienced some problems with piston failures on DDC 12.7L engines with iron pistons. Are you aware of any updates? The AERA Technical Com-mittee offers the following information regarding Series 60 iron piston failures on DDC 12.7L engines. DDC has made an improvement by adding piston cooling nozzle machining to all Series 60 cylinder

PERA’S Core Corner: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words; Real Money, Too

After attending the 2006 PERA Spring Tech Program in Dallas, TX, at the end of March, I came back with information that must be shared with everyone. Imagine being able to have something that will provide you a thousand times the return every time that you use it? Do you think that you could get

AETC Wrap-Up: AETC A Hit In New Venue

It’s always great to get away from the blustery cold weather during the winter months, and even better if you can learn something new while you work on your tan. After 15 years in the same Colorado Springs, CO, location, the Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) decided on a move to a much warmer climate

Balancing Equipment: a weighty matter

Everybody knows what balance is, right? You maintain your own balance by centering your body mass over your feet. If you lean too far forward or backward, or too far to the left or right, you’ll lose your balance and fall unless you grab hold of something or reposition your feet. Moving your center of

The Enthusiast’s Motor Market

Street Rods, customs, muscle cars; even their names are different. When it comes to cars – and we’re including light trucks – from the early 1900s on up into the ’70s, it’s not enough to just call them old cars. How cars from this time span are rebuilt can often make them their own separate

Coretalk: Consolidated Mfg. Cuts Staff, Shifts Focus Away From Remanufacturing

During a plantwide meeting in late February, company officials told 100 workers their jobs were eliminated. The company retained 20 employees for 30 to 60 days to handle the transition, said Greg Gordon, company president. Consolidated will retain 18 employees. The company, founded in 1940 and one of the nation’s first Ford Motor Co. engine

Rebuilding The Ford 4.6L

That’s good news for rebuilders, because most of them are in vehicles that are worth fixing when they need an engine, but there’s some bad news, too. Ford has made a lot of changes over the years, so building the right engine can be a challenge. In fact, if you include the front cover with

PERA’s Core Corner: Updating Your Understanding Of Chrysler’s NGC

Last November’s Core Corner, titled “Understanding Chrysler’s Next Generation Controllers” (November 2005 Engine Builder, page 24) did not include any images of the different cam gears since all you needed to know for identification was that “NGC” was stamped on the gears in question. REPLACEMENT CHART Note: SBEC means Single Board Engine Controller (passenger car

Head and Block Resurfacing

Resurfacing cylinder heads and engine blocks is an essential aspect of engine building today, whether the work is being done by a production engine rebuilder, a high performance specialist or small custom shop. Bimetal engines, multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets and tighter assembly tolerances make accurate surfacing more critical than ever before. The key to

Tuning in to the Sport Compact Market

While the American muscle car segment is getting a shot in the arm with the Mustang, Charger, GTO and others, the sport compact market is not going away any time soon. Much has been said about the possible demise of this once fast-growing market but according to some manufacturers there is still plenty of business

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I’ve had complaints of broken exhaust manifold bolts on some 5.4L Ford engines. Is there an upgrade available? The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding broken exhaust manifold bolts on 1999-2005 Ford 5.4L VIN L engines. This information applies to non-supercharged Ford truck engines. Generally, this condition is first noticed because of excessive

Tech Notes

Engine Builders: The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding a cylinder boring caution for 1996-2002 GM 5.7L VIN R engines. These engines are the last version of the original small block series and have been commonly called “Vortec” engines. It has been reported that cylinder bore distortion is prevalent in these blocks. Therefore,

Coretalk: Dallas To Host PERA Spring Technical Meeting March 30-April 1 2006

The meeting, a combination of technical sessions and facility tours, will begin with a cash reception in the hotel’s lobby bar on Thursday, March 30. The technical program is slated to begin on Friday, March 31st, following breakfast hosted by PERA. Ray Fink, PERA’s new president and president of AER Manufacturing Inc., in Carrollton, TX,

Machine Maintenance: Get Your Head Together – And Apart!

The C-frame style of valve spring compressor has become the preferred tool for disassembly and re-assembly of the standard applications like Chevy and Ford. These compressors work with air and a special jaw presses on the retainer, allowing you to remove the keepers quickly and safely. There are also manual versions of the C-frame compressor

Cutting Edge Tooling – Superabrasives in the Shop

The need for faster production speeds and higher quality surface finishes has made superabrasives almost mandatory for most resurfacing, honing and grinding operations. What makes these materials so indispensable for engine building today? Their superior hardness is a major factor because it provides outstanding tool life that far exceeds conventional abrasives. A set of metal

Performance Cylinder Sleeves

In the performance segment of the automotive aftermarket, young enthusiasts often think only the latest is great enough for their vehicle. Thanks to the prevalence of computerized engine management systems, some might believe that high-tech guarantees high horsepower. Yesterday’s technology? No way will it find success on the street or strip. However, engine builders know