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Champion Oil Full-Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid

This fully-synthetic rower steering fluid offers high temperature foam resistance for better cooling and improved steering precision.

Brent Marks Wins $20,000 at the Champion Racing Oil Summer Nationals

Brent Marks won his sixth-career World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series victory Saturday night at the Champion Racing Oil Summer Nationals. The PA Posse race car driver gave fans one of the more exciting finishes in recent memory against fellow sprint car competitors representing the World of Outlaws at the Mechanicsburg 1/2-mile. A tricky and technical surface

Champion API CK-4 Premium Heavy-Duty SAE 10W-30 Diesel Engine Oil

API CK-4 effectively replaces API CJ-4 and is backward compatible with most diesel applications where currently an API CJ-4 oil may have been recommended.

Champion SAE 20W-50 Racing Motor Oil

Champion’s Racing Oil is suitable for use in all competition engines especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high rpms and requiring high-pressure valve springs.

Champion Honing Oil

Champion Professional-Grade Honing Oil is a robust high-performance honing and finishing fluid designed utilizing a select blend of base fluids and additives.

Champion Oil Adds Scott Baubie as Director of Sales/Business Development Manager

Champion Brands, a blender and packager of automotive lubricants, chemicals, additives, and motor oils, has recently announced the appointment of Scott Baubie to its sales, business development and marketing team.  As director of sales/business development manager, Baubie will contribute to sales strategies and business development initiatives, as well as design and implement new market penetrations within

Champion Brands FA-4 10W30 Diesel Oil

When OEMs recommend this new oil specification, it can make a real difference to a fleet’s bottom line by improving the engine’s fuel efficiency.

Champion Brands’ 2021 Racing Contingency Program

The Champion 2021 Racing Contingency Program is an all-encompassing marketing program designed to link Champion Motor Oils directly to regional and national racers in many sanctioned racing events in North America. Champion’s new 2021 expanded contingency program supports race teams from dirt track to pavement, gas to diesel, and circle track to drag racing with contingency cash pay-out

Champion Modern Muscle 0W-40 for Gen III Hemi

Champion’s Modern Muscle 0w-40 motor oil benefits Hemi high-performance engines such as the Hellcat, Hellcrate, Redeye, Apache, and Demon.

Champion Classic & Muscle 15w-50 Motor Oil

This top-tier oil addresses the potential of flat tappet camshaft failures found in older gasoline motors.

Champion Oil Penetrant for Engine Builders

Penetrating oil, also known as penetrating fluid, is a very low-viscosity oil. It helps to loosen metal components, because it can penetrate into the narrow space between the threads of two parts.

Champion Brands Celebrates 65 Years

Champion Brands, LLC, a manufacturer of chemicals, lubricants, brake fluids, motor oils and additives, announced this week a year-long 65th anniversary celebration in 2021. Highlights of the year will be sponsorship of national & regional auto races, product contests, promotions, and special events. Originally Lowe Oil Co. founded by Ralph Lowe in 1956, Champion Brands, LLC