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Growing Your Perfect Customer

The most powerful advertising tool you have is existing customers talking about your business to others. When THEY tell YOUR story, it can be a powerful motivational tool. Of course, most of the time these days, it is the phone call, email or text that can initiate the opportunity to get prospects to your lobby

RELATIONSHIPS – Saving them without a therapist

How’s your relationship? I hope things are good at home, but I was thinking about at the workplace. Merriam-Webster defines relationship as: “The way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other.” Have you ever stopped to think about your relationships with your customers? How

Brand Building Efforts Solidify and Boost Customer Loyalty

If you think you’re too busy running your shop to focus on branding, you might want to think again. Thanks to longer service intervals and better-built cars, your customers don’t have to visit you as often as they did in the past. Having an established brand could certainly help you fend off the increased competition and build loyalty.

Exceeding Expectations Builds Customer Loyalty

No customer likes surprises when it comes to doing business with any type of service provider. When customers can count on consistently great service each time they do business with you, their confidence increases and they are far less likely to shop around for their engine rebuilding needs. But when the customer’s ­experience is inconsistent —

Creating Lasting Customer Loyalty Before They Even Win a Race

While providing good engine rebuilding work is an ­essential component of ­customer satisfaction, perhaps even more important — when it comes to cultivating loyalty — is delivering exceptional customer service. After all, customers expect us to rebuild and engine or get more horsepower out of it. What they don’t expect is a ­convenient, easy and