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Katech Introduces ‘Sleeved’ LT1 Cylinder Block

Katech’s new “sleeved” LT1 cylinder block supports greater displacement Gen V LT1 engines and serves as the foundation for 427-cubic-inch (7.0L) engine combinations.

Understanding Cylinder Blow-by

While this industry continually runs on tighter and tighter engine clearances, in today’s world of engine building, no one has yet to figure out how to run engine parts on zero clearance. There has to be some amount of space available or an engine simply won’t run. Thus, when it comes to pistons and piston

NPR of America Appoints Pim van den Bergh Manager, Business Development

NPR of America has announced that Pim van den Bergh has joined the firm to further develop its growing market share in piston rings, pistons and cylinder liners.

PERA To Host Technology of Cylinder Honing Webinar

Join PERA for a webinar about cylinder honing technology on Oct 14, 2015 at 10:00 AM CDT. Bob Dolder, Automotive Sales and Application Manager will cover all the facts you need to know and more.

Kistler Uncooled M8 Cylinder Pressure Sensor

Kistler is expanding its portfolio of uncooled piezo- electric cylinder pressure sensors for combustion engines by adding the Type 6045B with M8 media connection. The completely revised, compact successor of the proven Type 6045A features extremely high temperature stability and low linearity deviation.

Cavitation Erosion in Diesel Cylinders

Cavitation erosion is often found in diesel engines on the exterior walls of wet cylinder liners. The amount of erosion and decay will vary from engine to engine and may also vary from cylinder to cylinder.

Cracking Down on Block Fillers

In earlier articles, I mentioned filling dedicated, drag racing iron blocks to keep cylinders round and keep them from cracking. Many drag racers still practice that modification. Today, racers have the luxury of a low-cost block filler called Hard Blok, provided by Joel Bayless. Back in my early Pro Stock days, when I was racing

Goodson Heavy-Duty Portable Cylinder Hone

The Goodson Brand Heavy-Duty Portable Cylinder Hone has an adjustment range of 2-1/2″ to 5-1/2″. Add the optional Master Holder and Stone Supports and you can extend the range up 15″. This portable cylinder hone has a 12″ long drive shank with 5/8″ -11 thread. Stones sold separately. NOTE: Replaces HN-218 Heavy-Duty Portable Cylinder Hone  and  HN-218-HD Heavy-Duty Portable Cylinder Hone.