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Katech Offers Solution To Early Valve/Guide Wear on LT4/LT5 Engines

Katech has announced a solution for owners of vehicles with GM LT4/LT5 experiencing early wear of guides on their factory cylinder heads. It is unknown how many LT4/LT5 engines experience early wear, but there is a considerable percentage that do, based on inspection of the engines that come into the Katech Race Shop.   “A little over a

Katech Signs Commercial Agreement to Build LPG Engines for Begas Motor

Katech has announced it signed a commercial agreement with Begas Motor of Madrid, Spain to build 250 liquid propane gas (LPG) engines over the next two years.

Katech LT Oil Pump

Katech announced it has released a new, revolutionary oil pump for the GM Gen 5 LT engine platform.

Katech Extends Warranties to 3 Years or 36,000 Miles

Katech has announced it has extended its engine and vehicle warranties to three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, when operated in normal use.

Katech Xtreme-DI Fuel System 

Katech has announced a new direct injection fuel-pump that will allow LT1/LT4 engines to achieve more than 2,000 horsepower. Developed with strategic partner Xtreme-DI, the system adds a secondary, direct injection fuel pump to the original factory OEM fuel system.

Katech’s LS3-Based 416 Short Block

Katech has introduced a new LS3-based 416-cubic-inch short block designed to make big power for less. Depending on the camshaft, cylinder heads and other engine components, the new Katech 416 is the foundation for 600 horsepower or more in normally aspirated combinations and up to 900 horsepower or more in boosted applications.

Katech Develops New Proprietary CNC Porting Technology

Katech Inc. has developed new proprietary CNC porting technology to increase horsepower on Gen 5 LT1 and LT4 engines found in C7 Corvettes and Gen 6 Camaros. Katech’s CNC porting technology increases the heads’ airflow velocity and capacity.

Katech Launches Members-Only Website for Performance Car Enthusiasts

Katech, a builder of high performance engines for track and street, has introduced The Katech Network (TKN), a free, members-only website for performance car enthusiasts.

V16 Marine Engine

Are you looking for more power out on the water? Sixteen Power, LLC’s all-new V16 marine engine is the engine the marine market didn’t know it needed. It was recently unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show.

Katech Introduces ‘Sleeved’ LT1 Cylinder Block

Katech’s new “sleeved” LT1 cylinder block supports greater displacement Gen V LT1 engines and serves as the foundation for 427-cubic-inch (7.0L) engine combinations.

Katech Valve Covers for Gen V LT Engines

Katech now offers its popular cast aluminum, CNC-machined valve cover design for the Gen V LT small-block V8 engine, as well as complementing coil relocation brackets, to enhance the underhood appearance of 2014+ Corvettes, 2016+ Camaros and 2014+ Chevrolet and GMC full-size trucks and SUVs.