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Travel a New Road to AAPEX this Season

Watch season 3, episode 1 of Road to AAPEX for a deeper understanding of the industry’s dynamics and the factors that drive its continuous evolution.

Road to AAPEX
SEMA Show 2024 Registration is Open

Enthusiasm for this year’s SEMA Show continues to build.

2 Wheels 2 Ways Ep. 4 – Riding Through the Beautiful Southwest

Join Patrick and Jacqui as they explore motorcycling and powersports adventure in the Southwest!

2 Wheels 2 Ways Ep. 3 – Born Free, Technicians, a Texas Dealership, and Suspension Changes

Patrick and Jacqui visit Born Free, talk technicians, see inside a Dallas-area dealership, and get a lesson on suspension.

2 Wheels 2 Ways Ep. 1 – Securing the Motorcycles

Looking to ride across the country from Akron, OH to Las Vegas to showcase what makes the powersports industry tick ahead of the 2024 AIMExpo, MPN’s Patrick Roberts and Jacqui Van Ham had some logistics to figure out. One of the first things was securing motorcycles to make the journey on and getting them ready

2 Wheels 2 Ways Showcases a Unique UTV Playground – January 2024

On our motorcycle ride from Akron, OH to Las Vegas, Patrick and Jacqui find themselves in UTV paradise. They make a visit to Cliffhangers for a day of side-by-side bliss in the New Mexico desert before making their way to join the powersports industry at AIMExpo 2024. Filmed over 5 episodes, don’t miss episode 1

2 Wheels 2 Ways Visits Powersports Dealerships – January 2024

One thing MPN and AIMExpo have in common is a love for the powersport dealer community. After all, it’s these awesome folks and dealerships that make this industry really shine. That’s why Patrick and Jacqui showcase some excellent dealers and shops on their epic ride from Akron to Las Vegas in time for AIMExpo 2024.

Join the Ride for 2 Wheels 2 Ways – January 2024

Looking to make his first long motorcycle ride in over two decades, MPN’s Patrick Roberts enlisted Jacqui Van Ham to join him on the epic 2,000-mile ride from Akron, OH to Las Vegas for the 2024 AIMExpo. The two riders showcase what makes the powersports industry tick on their way to AIMExpo. Filmed over 5

MPN’s 2 Wheels 2 Ways Series Coming in January

Join in on this journey to explore what makes the powersports industry tick.

2 Wheels 2 Ways video series
The Lincoln Highway Leads to Las Vegas in ‘The Road to AAPEX’ Season Two

Another automotive adventure is about to unfold as Babcox Media presents “The Road to AAPEX Season Two, The Lincoln Highway.” This year, the spotlight shines on the remarkable 2002 Lincoln Blackwood as it travels on a historic journey along the iconic Lincoln Highway – the first transcontinental highway in the United States, running coast-to-coast, designed

Road to AAPEX Ep. 6: The End of the Road

It all comes down to this. if the Caddy was going to make it to Vegas, if it was even possible, the automotive aftermarket would play a big role.

SEMA’s Industry Banquet Features New Look, New Format

In addition to the SEMA Launch Pad finale and announcements for key industry awards, the banquet will feature important news from the SEMA Chairman and SEMA President and CEO.