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Katech’s LS3-Based 416 Short Block

Katech has introduced a new LS3-based 416-cubic-inch short block designed to make big power for less. Depending on the camshaft, cylinder heads and other engine components, the new Katech 416 is the foundation for 600 horsepower or more in normally aspirated combinations and up to 900 horsepower or more in boosted applications.

Edelbrock E-CNC Cylinder Heads for Chevy LS3 Engines

Edelbrock has expanded its line of E-CNC cylinder heads to include an application for the Chevrolet LS3 engine. Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads feature altered valve angles and locations, spark plug location and valve sizes along with all-new, high-flow ports and chambers.

Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 Head

The new Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads are designed with high velocity ports, making them an ideal upgrade for any cathedral port or 3.89″ bore LS1 & LS2 applications.