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Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

Happy New Year everyone! I trust you all enjoyed the holiday season and are hitting the gas full throttle now that we’re in a new year and January is already flying by. Personally, I’m not generally big on making resolutions – at least not ones that require tons of effort or ones I know I

Building Relationships Key to Building Business

Answer honestly – do you REALLY spend enough time making sure that you’re getting something out of your business other than a paycheck? Not in a new-age, warm-and-fuzzy “love your job and you’ll never work a day in your lfe” way, but in a way that satisfies your inner definition of success.

From Good to Great – Simple Ideas to Take Your Business to Another Level

Recently, sales figures nationally have been flat at best, and there are far more shops closing than new ones opening. But there are shining stars that still beg to be recognized. These vibrant, busy and profitable businesses can’t help but beg attention. These owners are well aware that others may not be seeing comparable prosperity,

Ensuring Your Insurance

Insurance is an expense. No matter how you slice it, insurance coverage will cost you money. If nothing ever happens, you may question why you paid for it. But having insurance should give you peace of mind, and when something does go wrong and you have to use your insurance policy, you are more than

Identifying and Removing the “Time Stealers” from Your Shop

Your engine shop may be great at rebuilding powerplants for customers, but one thing your staff can’t do is build “more time.” Whether it’s silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies or even cold, hard cash, we take numerous measures each day to protect our valuable items, some more drastic than others. We use locks, banks, safes