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Building Winning Engines for Street Outlaw Racers

Graham Jones Has FastTimes Motorworks in the Street Outlaws Spotlight It’s not often that engine builders get to shine in the spotlight of national or worldwide fame. That honor is typically (and maybe rightfully) bestowed upon the racecar drivers, as they are the ones who do what it takes out on the track to get

How It’s Made

My wife gets mad at me but I will regularly turn off “The Notebook” to watch an episode of “How It’s Made.”

If you’re not familiar with either of them, “The Notebook” is a sad movie that seems to have something to do with Jim Rockford (from “The Rockford Files”) and a painter. Apparently there’s also some time travel involved – I’m not really sure. It’s on TV in my house at least five times a week, thanks to the insatiable appetites for emotion of my wife and two daughters.

Car Customizers Wanted for New Discovery Channel Show

Are you the best car customizer in America? Can you turn a battered old heap into high performance hot-wheels? Remodel a wreck to a roadster? If the answer is yes then Discovery Channel wants to hear from you. Both amateurs and professionals welcome. The producers of the hit Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush, are looking for car