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Dana Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Victor Reinz Gaskets

Announced at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo 2016 (AAPEX), Dana Incorporated has once again become the exclusive distributor of its Victor Reinz gasket portfolio in North America.


Announced at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo 2016 (AAPEX), Dana Incorporated has once again become the exclusive distributor of its Victor Reinz gasket portfolio in North America. To commemorate the occasion, the Dana aftermarket team was joined by customers and journalists for a homecoming-themed celebration and press conference, at which the Victor Reinz brand was ceremoniously “welcomed home” to Dana.


“This homecoming is significant for Dana, the Victor Reinz brand, our customers, and the aftermarket community,” said Doug Wolma, vice president and general manager of the Dana Aftermarket Group. “Dana is the true and original manufacturer of Victor Reinz gaskets, and by returning to our role as direct distributor, Dana is perfectly positioned to more closely connect customers and end-users with engineering and technical experts. We are confident that this will result in outstanding products with exceptional customer service and support.”

For the past decade, Victor Reinz gaskets were distributed in North America under an exclusive agreement with a third-party. Dana remained actively involved in manufacturing, product development, and technical support throughout this period and handled distribution to all other markets outside of North America without interruption.


“Since the Victor Reinz brand’s origination, Dana has maintained ownership and continuously driven product innovation while manufacturing the product portfolio,” said Wolma. “We have remained stewards of the product line worldwide and maintained a keen awareness of the brand’s reach and opportunities in both North America and abroad.”

Dana reintroduces its role as distributor of the Victor Reinz product portfolio in North America with an initial offering of more than 3,300 SKUs. This represents 95 percent coverage, by sales volume, for the typical warehouse distributor.

“Victor Reinz gaskets have been the first choice of global original-equipment engine and vehicle manufacturers for quite some time. The Victor brothers first invented the automotive head gasket in Chicago in 1909. Dana acquired the Victor Gasket Manufacturing Company in 1966, and we’re proud to say we have been carrying on the Victor brothers’ legacy of quality ever since,” said Wolma. “In 1993, we acquired another gasket company, Reinz Dichtungs GmbH, and formed Dana’s Victor Reinz brand as we know it today.”



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