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Firepunk Diesel S-10 Sets New World Record at ODSS Season Finale

Despite the trials of this year’s Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) from cancelled events to bad weather, on Saturday there was a bright spot in the ODSS finale event for the Hot Shot’s Secret’s sponsored Firepunk Diesel S-10 Pro Mod race truck.

True to prediction made earlier in the year, this mighty S-10 not only has retained its title as the world’s fastest diesel door slammer, it slammed down the track to extend the world record to 4.213 seconds at 178 mph in the eighth mile. In almost ideal circumstances, air temp and sea level, driver Larson Miller showed up to the Hardway Sunshine Showdown at Emerald Coast Dragway to secure another Pro Mod championship. And while Miller had two test runs that were less than perfect, the Firepunk team made a few necessary adjustments to come back and set the new world record late in the evening. The video below captures the run when Miller set the new world record.

Kyle Fischer, Hot Shot’s Secret Director of Branding & Promotions, says, “We finished the season undefeated without losing a single race and topped it off by setting an all new world record as the fastest diesel truck on the planet. You can’t ask for a more exciting finish to this season. It was amazing to be there and see the results. Congratulations to Larson and to the entire Firepunk Diesel team. We are looking forward to what comes next for the S-10 as it closes out the 2020 season in various competitions, including against gas-powered vehicles.” 

Firepunk Diesel purchased the pink and white wrapped Save the Racks truck in 2019 and gave it a brand-new Hot Shot’s Secret themed wrap at the beginning of the season. The season began at the Suncoast Spring Shakedown where Larson Miller collected gold in the Pro Mod where he pulled off a 4.28-second pass in qualifying and a 4.36 at 173 mph in the semi-finals. Throughout the season Miller, car #3393, never lost a race. He finished the season with 198 points followed by Ben Shadday, #6250, at 98 points. This now famous diesel S-10 will finish 2020 going head to head against the fastest gas cars in the nation at No Mercy 11 taking place at South Georgia Motorsports Park in October.

Firepunk Diesel Team Owner Lavon Miller says, “We have worked with Hot Shot’s Secret for years now, testing new products not only for our S-10 Pro Mod but even our daily drivers. We use their full line of Adrenaline Racing Oils and additives in this truck to keep it in top form and protect our investment. It’s been a crazy year and we appreciate Hot Shot’s Secret and all our sponsors – D&J Precision, Exergy Performance and Nitrous Express – and feel confident that there is a lot more to expect before we finish with 2020.”

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