Jenna Bates, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
The Science Of Aqueous Cleaning

The notion that aqueous cleaning consists only of a steel drum and hose is obviously a thing of the past. Aqueous cleaning entered the realm of advanced technology years ago and has been improving by leaps and bounds annually. These technological advances have prompted many rebuilders to re-evaluate their cleaning processes and perhaps take a

Great Scott! Wichlacz Takes Over as AERA Chairman

Wichlacz Takes Over as AERA Chairman Scott Wichlacz’s story begins the way many rebuilders’ stories begin: a young boy tinkering with lawnmower and tractor engines, taking apart the component parts of mechanisms and putting them back together, always knowing that this would be his chosen career. One thing led to another, and Wichlacz moved on

Salvage Yards: From Junkyard Dog to High Tech Heavyweight

Salvage yard. When most people hear those words, they automatically think "junk yard" and may conjure images of the 1970s television show "Sanford and Son." That may have been true of salvage operations in the past, and those junk yards are still around, but today

Predicting the Future of E-commerce in the Aftermarket

Trying to predict the future of business is sometimes about as accurate as looking into a crystal ball. A reflection of the truth may be there, but the image can be easily distorted by timing, funding and unpredictable customer whim. Despite the uncertainty of these predictions, there are those who make it their business to

Ship Shape Sterns

If you

Blum Hopes To Help Bring PERs Up to Speed Technologically

The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association (PERA) will be coming up roses when it welcomes its new chairman at its annual convention, hosted this year in Point Clear, AL. Wilfried Blum will have some impressive shoes to fill as he replaces Jim Ormsby of Franklin Power Products, located in Franklin, IN, as president for 2001. Blum,

The Future Of OEMs In The Reman Aftermarket

Some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the independent automotive remanufacturing industry have maintained a symbiotic relationship since the introduction of the first automobiles; other OEMs are still lagging behind when it comes to getting involved in reman automotive aftermarket sales. However, today the future of the relationship between the two is critical not only to

Coming Clean: The Inside Dirt About Cleaning Systems and Their Impact On Shop Profitability

Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but can it be profitable? Cleaning engine components is a vital part of the operation of any machine shop, but to make it profitable or at least ensure it doesn

Net Worth Marketing Machine Shop Services In The New Millennium

In an age of dot-coms, sound-byte advertising and consumer attention spans getting shorter, companies from the largest to the smallest have had to adjust their marketing strategies to keep pace. Production engine remanufacturers (PERs) and machine shops/custom engine rebuilders (CERs) are no exception. Today

Playing Hardball With Software: What Every Rebuilder Should Know About Shop Management Software

Even the most resistant rebuilder will find computers and shop management software hard to avoid. Gone are the days of the leather-bound ledger and stray notebook pages. If shop owners want to increase efficiency, maintain a well-organized business and stay competitive, they

Some Like It Hot: What Shop Supply Businesses Are Selling In the New Millennium

Like the rest of the automotive aftermarket, the shop supply business has seen many changes in recent years and expects to see many more in the future. The shop supply business has become more competitive, and, like many businesses associated with the automotive aftermarket, the term "flattened" keeps coming up. Could the new millennium breathe