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When Hiring, Look For Character, Talent And Then Skill

Years back, when I was looking to hire a technician, my first criteria would be the person’s skill level. In fact, I mainly based my decision on the tech’s skill, ASE certifications, and experience. The result? High turnover. Now, I look for character first.

How Advertising Works for Engine Shops

Don’t get frustrated if an advertisement does not get the response you were looking for. People buy when they are ready to buy, not necessarily when you are ready to sell. Don’t get frustrated if a “Mailed Special” does not get the response you were looking for. Your customers may not be ready to buy

Advertising Does Not Work, And I Can Prove It!

There was a time when I only relied on word of mouth, the yellow pages andan occasional ad in the local paper. I would throw together an ad myself andwhen the results were poor, I would convince myself it was because advertisingdid not work –when this simply was not true. In today’s world of business,