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Cost Cutting, But Not At Expense Of Customer Relations

Having spent my teenage years primarily in the late

Leading Off

The first part of our annual two-part series detailing the custom engine rebuilder/machine shop market begins on page 26. But, as with any national survey, sometimes it is difficult to find the real meaning behind the numbers. My insight is based on not only the survey results, but also ongoing conversations, meetings and industry events

Crystal Ball Gazing With A Reality Orientation

Is business improving during the first quarter of 2002? Depends on whom you talk to. An unscientific survey of several parts and equipment suppliers with whom I have spoken over the past two weeks indicates that business was noticeably better in January than in November or December of 2001. Several also said business has remained

How Important Our Relationships Really Are: We’re Shocked And Deeply Saddened By The Terrorist Attacks

As the staff at Engine Builder magazine worked to prepare this month

Improved Productivity and Profit Are ‘Musts’

Do you set daily, weekly or monthly sales goals for your shop? Do you set profit targets so you

It’s A Tough Market

Is this a tough market to do business in? You bet it is. Will business ever be what it once was when small block Chevy engines fit into almost every GM car, and machine shops had an abundance of both work and customers? Not likely. Will the quality of engines continue to improve, lengthening the

Making A Good Profit Margin In The Engine Building Business

As results from our recent Machine Shop Market Profile show (see page 21), making a good profit margin in the engine building business demands that you not only have your parts and labor pricing in order, but also your operating expenses fully under control. However, there are also several proposed bills working their way through

First Issue Of Engine Builder

Welcome to the first issue of Engine Builder magazine. We hope you enjoy the new look as well as our emphasis on providing a closer view of all things engine related. In this issue we cover everything from emerging technology in valvetrain designs to the impact of the transformation of salvage yards on engine builders.

Engine Builder Will Focus Exclusively On The Engine Builder

By the time you begin reading this page you will probably already realize that next month marks the formal introduction of a newly designed and rebadged magazine. Beginning with the June 2001 issue, Automotive Rebuilder magazine will become Engine Builder magazine. In 1964 Automotive Rebuilder began its coverage of the automotive rebuilding industry. From then

In a consolidating market place, those who do it best will be those who survive

You have a great opportunity to distinguish your shop from the rest of the shops doing business in your market area. How? By winning Automotive Rebuilder