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Diesel Cranks and Connecting Rods

The demand for mid-size diesel performance products continues to grow. There tends to be two sides of the mid-size diesel spectrum: on one side there is street performance and on the other there is all-out race. Street performance diesels deal mainly with engine parts that are primarily for bolt-on applications and can make great power

Cylinder Head Porting

Huge flow numbers may be impressive, but optimizing airflow at mid-valve lift is key to power. If airflow though a valve port is plotted on a graph for the entire valve cycle (from opening to peak lift and back to close), the area under the curve is total airflow, which corresponds to total power. So

Sassy Engines Builds Attitude

Knox family has success from drag racing to tractor pulling with Hemi engine power for 45 years Located in the quiet countryside of Weare, NH, is an engine shop that for over 30 years has been building some of the most powerful Hemi engines in the competitive world of truck and tractor pulling. Sassy Racing

Gems From ’49 Bell Catalog

Long before the Internet, there was a man with a vision – and a catalog When Roy Richter wrote, “Here it is”on the inside cover of his 1949 Bell Auto Parts Catalog, he probably didn’t realize what he started. He said it was, “the most comprehensive and up-to-date catalog of racing equipment.” Bell Auto Parts

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: August 2013

Authors of Shop Solutions published in each issue of Engine Builder Magazine are awarded a prepaid $100 Visa gift card. Shop Solutions may also be submitted to [email protected]. A Better Way to Clean Oil Galleries I’ve always used the standard long handled nylon bristle brushes dipped in solvent to scrub the oil galleries in blocks,