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Take The War Out Of Warranty Claims

While it may have been an uncomfortable topic for some, I feel I succeeded with the previous column. Of course there are always those who dispute the need for personal responsibility. Since we live in a world full of handouts and government programs, why be responsible for yourself? I have a good friend who describes

Where Will Your Next Generation Of Customers Be Coming From?

In the tough economy we are facing today, many of us are concerned with generating sufficient business to keep the doors open, often at the expense of anything else. Are you so busy worrying about today that you’re not thinking about the future? Let me try to give you an idea about having the best

SSSSSnake Bit!

In 1974, America watched 93 cars get destroyed in a 34-minute car chase. “Gone In 60 Seconds,” an independent film written, produced and directed by and starring Toby Halicki was an otherwise forgettable ’70s movie. The plot revolved around Mandrian Pace (Halicki) and his car thief cronies and 48 cars that they needed to steal

Performance Carburetors

Carburetors persist because they are relatively simple and inexpensive compared to electronic fuel injection (EFI). Most racers and hot rodders are familiar with carburetors and know something about how to install, tune and adjust a carburetor. They may not always do it right, but all they usually need is a screwdriver and a wrench. They

TIG Welding Aluminum Heads

To survive in the current economic climate, you must look for opportunities to become more profitable and still maintain control of your profits. You must always look for ways to keep more of what you do “in-house” and keep as much of the revenue you generate in the business. Whenever you can control what goes

2009 Machine Shop Market Profile

Now that new car dealers and manufacturers are taking it on the chinbecause many consumers have apparently decided that “making do isbetter than buying new,” there is increased optimism in many segmentsof the service sector. For engine builders – who have been operating ina challenging environment for several years now – the opportunities tobe both

2009 Machining & Engine Parts Guide

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Stroker Tips – Getting It All to Fit

Almost since the first production engine rolled off the line, peoplehave known that when it comes to power, it’s cubic inches or cubicdollars. In some cases both. There’s only two ways to get more cubes –bigger bore and longer stroke – so engine builders use both to get theperformance they want from the available components.