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“Heading” In The Right Direction: Heads Are A Hot Commodity These Days

Heads are a hot commodity these days, but itdepends on the application. Some heads like those for Chevy 350and Chrysler 2.2L/2.5L engines are always in demand, but pricesare low because of the glut of cores that are available for theseengines. Even so, anybody who’s selling heads these days has tohave them. The hot heads are

Low Cost Quality Honing For The Small Shop

My son and I run a small automotive machineshop doing engine rebuilding and custom machine work in ruralMissouri. We try to do the very best work possible all the time.Whether we are rebuilding a Ford 8N or a 427 Corvette engine,we use the same amount of care doing the job. When our customerspick up their

Management Efficiency Through Your Computer

Nothing is enhancing the efficiency of businessestoday more than the fast-paced technology present in workplaceseverywhere. Your challenge as a modern leader is to creativelyuse this technology to guide, coordinate, inspire, coach and monitorthe work of your employees. Depending on the size of your company and thenumber and responsibilities of your employees, you may be ableto

Ensuring The Job’s Done Right, Steve Rinaldo

"Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault." How many timeshave you either heard or spoken those sentences when undertakingwork as either a service facility or automotive shop owner. Inmy more than 20 years associated with automobile manufacturerservice training, the question of how to ensure a job is donecorrectly, and whose responsibility it is to see

Labor and the Law

Grit, grime and grease are just a few of theworkplace unpleasantness with which you contend. Employees areexposed daily to hazardous materials such as solvents, paints,cleaning and restoration products, as well as welding fumes. Protecting your employees’ health and safetyis not only the right thing to do, the law requires it. Your failureto be familiar with

Caliper Clinic: Defective Parts, If Not Monitored, Can Easily Strip A Company Of Its Profits

Defects exist in almost all products. Preferably,defects are found and corrected prior to shipment to the customer.However, on occasion a defect can be overlooked and end up inthe customer’s hands. Not all defects result in an unsafe condition.But even a product that is boxed or labeled incorrectly can leavethe customer with a sour taste in