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Rebuilding the Chrysler Hemi

Chrysler made the Hemi engine famous. They didn’t invent the hemispherical chamber, but they were the first to build an engine with a hemi chamber for an American car back in 1951. They originally called it the “Double Rocker Shaft V8,” but it soon became “the Hemi.” It made a lot more power than the

Stroker Tips – Getting It All to Fit

Almost since the first production engine rolled off the line, people have known that when it comes to power, it’s cubic inches or cubic dollars. In some cases both. There’s only two ways to get more cubes – bigger bore and longer stroke – so engine builders use both to get the performance they want

Time for Chains: Stock and Performance Timing Sets

Timing chains and gears are engine parts that are usually replaced when an engine is rebuilt. Over time, gear teeth wear and chains stretch. This can cause noise, retarded valve timing (and ignition timing if the engine also has a cam-driven distributor), and a noticeable loss of performance and fuel economy. A new timing chain,

Racing Oil and Additves

Engine oil has sometimes been compared to a cake mix. The base oil is like the flour and the additives are the spices. How much is used of each varies by the type of cake and its intended use. Birthday cakes don’t really work for weddings. Engine builders have also been compared to gourmet chefs,