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API Releases New Donut Symbol to Differentiate New Diesel Oil

The American Petroleum Institute (API) will introduce a special Service Symbol Donut to help consumers identify the recently approved API FA-4 diesel engine oil, which is designed to protect the next generation of diesel engines.

Time in a Bottle — Reasons Behind Changing Engine Oils

When I was just a young pup in the 1960s working on lubes for Shell Research and Development, passenger car motor oils (PCMO) were much simpler and easier to understand. There were only three performance levels: motor light (ML), motor moderate (MM), and motor severe (MS). Auto manufacturers and lube oil marketers worked closely with

Some Motor Oil Gets Failing ‘Grade’

API purchased and tested more than 1,800 motor oils dispensed from bulk tanks over the last five years and nearly 20 percent of the bulk oil samples tested failed to meet API standards. The American Petroleum Institute (API) has evaluated results from its annual motor oil testing program and determined that almost 1 in 5 samples of