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DSS ProDiesel Acquires Diesel Parts of America, Inc.

DSS ProDiesel, a leading supplier of diesel fuel injectors and related products, expands its international presence and product lines by acquiring Diesel Parts of America, Inc. Hart Marx Advisors facilitated the transaction.

Big Power, Big Products – Search for increased longevity and durability in diesels continues

Modern diesel engine platforms offer a great source of power potential regardless of the manufacturer. I suppose that is why the mid-size diesel truck has become so popular among the younger generation. Take an engine that already makes power and find ways to make more. Turbocharged diesel engines have a huge amount of power gains

AFTERMARKET DIESEL INNOVATIONS – Evolutionary, Revolutionary or Illegal?

Diesel technology has come a long way, evolving from smelly, dirty, slow, workhorse engines to clean-burning, high-torque, high-horsepower engines that can give many gasoline engines a run for the money on a drag strip or race track. Diesels aren’t just for towing or pulling anymore, they’re finding a niche in all kinds of performance applications

The Search for Increased Longevity and Durability in Diesels Continues

The object of the game is to tame the diesel engine in hopes of obtaining dependability, longevity and efficiency. There are numerous internal engine parts available in the aftermarket to fit not only the needs of hot street trucks but also for pulling, drag racing and over the road transportation.