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Reviewing World Products’ Man O’War Small Block Ford Iron Block

For our recent twin-supercharged small block Ford build, we decided on a World Products’ Man O’War iron block as our base. This block comes loaded with excellent features and elements perfect for making a durable, high-horsepower engine. Check out the review for more features and benefits.

Dart SHP LS Next PRO Block

Dart Machinery continues the evolution of the LS Next platform by releasing the all-new SHP LS Next PRO block. Designed for high performance applications, the SHP LS NEXT PRO block is the ideal starting point for drag race, circle track, off-road, and high performance marine.

Racesaver Sprint Car Engine Part 2 – Engine Block Selection and Prep

This is the second in a series of articles about building a competitive sprint car engine that can successfully compete with crate and spec motors at a customer-friendly, business-boosting price point.  GM made many different block castings. For this project the older 2 piece main seal are preferred. There is a list of legal casting

How To Machine a Chevy 350 V8 Small Block

A Chevy 350 small block goes to the machine shop to show you the process of machining a block.

427 FE Engine Block Machining from Solid Aluminum

Kirkham Motorsports shows how it took a solid, 386-lbs. block of aluminum and machined it into a 427 FE engine block. Company: Kirkham Motorsports www.KirkhamMotorsports.com

Dart Billet Blocks and Heads

Get an inside look at the process behind the creation of Dart’s legendary billet aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads. These ultra-strong, incredibly lightweight components are the power plants behind some truly eye popping racing engines. Company: Dart Machinery www.dartheads.com  

7 Things You Should Know About the RHS LS Block

The RHS LS Engine block is lightweight, packed with options, and built to withstand over 2,000 horsepower. The block is also found in many serious street cars. Late Model Engines in Houston, Texas, explains the 7 things you should know about these blocks. Company: Racing Head Service (RHS) www.racingheadservice.com