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In Engine Building, Predictions Don’t Always Meet Reality

Here we go again. The fax machine will kill the mail system… TV will kill the radio… Movie rentals and streaming videos will kill the movie theaters… The above three statements were cited many times over the years, but strangely, none have them have even been remotely close to coming true. Every year the U.S.

Polimotor Partners with Industry Suppliers to Develop Next Generation Plastic Engine

Polimotor LLC and its founder, Matti Holtzberg, have partnered with industry suppliers to help develop Polimotor 2, the next generation of polymer engines.

The STURM Group and MAG IAS Group Present Engine Technology of the Future

The STURM Group and the MAG IAS Group are presenting a world premier: the STURM coating center ACCS TWS aligned with SPECHT machining centers. The two collaborating companies offer a turnkey plant for the series production of cylinder blocks with thermal bore coating.

Future of Engine Building: Converting the Masses

Rebuilding Diesel Engines to Run on Natural Gas Engine builders often get requests to convert a stock engine into a performance powerplant. Or to take a modest diesel tractor engine rated at 2,200 horsepower and transform it into a smoke-bellowing pulling machine at 6,000 horsepower. However, in our third installment on the future of engine