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Walker Products’ High Performance Catalog

Walker Products’ latest High-Performance Catalog features high performance engine management and fuel components.

731 cid Outlaw 4.840 Bore Space Nitrous Engine

When it comes to building a 4.840″ bore space engine for drag racing, the class is limited on deck height and limited on bore space, but anything else pretty much goes. Pat Musi of Pat Musi Racing Engines recently finished development on his state-of-the-art 4.840 engine platform, and this 731 cid nitrous combo is freaking awesome!

RC Now Offers GDI Blueprinting

Direct injection has become increasingly popular with vehicle manufacturers due to being able to precisely deliver a specific measure of fuel into the combustion chamber.

VP Racing Fuels Launches New Speed Sauce Plus Injection Fluid

Speed Sauce provides 4% more power than methanol-based injection fluids and is much less corrosive.

Speed Sauce
EPWI Adds FiTech Fuel Injection Product Line

Engine & Performance Warehouse has announced it has added FiTech Fuel Injection to its line card of quality vendors. FiTech Fuel Injection is dedicated to engineering, developing, and producing advanced and affordable electronic fuel injection systems.

The Fuel Injection Phenomenon – What Normally (Naturally) Aspirated Engine Builders Need to Know

On a basic level, fuel injection just looks really cool. The intake on a fuel injected power plant is the most visible part of the engine while the ram tubes, injectors and fuel lines make it look intricately sleek. With recent developments, simple mechanical fuel injection (MFI) is also useful for a level of complex

RKLAB AG Diesel Fuel Injection System

RKLAB AG is a technology company in the process of commercializing a new diesel fuel injection system, the RK Injector (RKI). The technology is a self-pressurizing fuel injection system that is a direct replacement for the current common rail diesel fuel injection system.

Motor State Distributing Adds FiTech Fuel Injection Product Line

Motor State Distributing has announced the addition of the FiTech Fuel Injection product line to its quality brand selection of fuel delivery products. The FiTech Go EFI 4 Fuel Injection ECU throttle body assembly fits any 4-bbl. intake manifold, suits most throttle and transmission linkage.

Royal Purple Max-Atomizer

As miles build up, today’s direct injected engines are especially susceptible to suffer from clogged and otherwise fouled injectors, robbing engines of power, decreasing fuel economy and negatively affecting emissions and engine responsiveness. To address all of these issues and more, Royal Purple developed Max-Atomizer.

Kinsler Fuel Injection Tough Pump

Kinsler’s Tough Pump is made of high alloy steel, is case hardened, precision ground and proprietary coated. The one-piece gear shaft does not allow any radial movement of the gear on the shaft, thus maintaining correct clearance between the gear teeth tips and the housing.

‘Fine Tuning’ Your Work: Customer Service After the Build

Customer satisfaction is every bit as important as the quality of your work if you expect to be a successful engine builder. You see, even when you build your customer the perfect engine, your customer must be happy with how their engine performs or your business and reputation will suffer. Far too many good engine

Racing Industry Loses Fuel Injector Pioneer with Passing of Stuart Hilborn

ALISO VIEJO, CA  – Stuart Hilborn, a pioneer of fuel injection in automobiles and racing applications, died at 96 Dec.16, 2013. Family said Hilborn died of natural causes and congestive heart failure.   He lived in Monarch Beach and had a manufacturing facility in Aliso Viejo. Hilborn became interested in amateur racing on dry lake