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Diesel Daydreams at R&R Engine and Machine

We’ve know R&R Engine and Machine owner Bryan Menke for quite some time. He’s just down the road from our HQ in Akron, OH, so we recently stopped in to see what was new at the shop, which specializes in light, medium and heavy-duty diesel engine work. There’s literally nothing R&R can’t handle, so check

Stanadyne 350-Bar GDI Fuel Injector

The Goliath injector can deliver fuel injection pressure up to 350 on select gasoline direct-injected engines and increase flow by approximately 65 to 70 percent compared to OEM injectors.

Avoid LB7 Duramax Injector Leaks

LB7 Duramax engines are very prone to leaking on the injector return line underneath the valve cover, causing the crankcase to fill with diesel fuel, which leads to all kinds of issues. LinCo Diesel Performance developed a method to test for this, which saves the shop from countless comebacks. Check it out.

Stanadyne Unveils New Hydrogen Fuel Injector at the Detroit Auto Show

Stanadyne is unveiling a new alternative fuel injector for medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicle powertrains at the 2022 North American International Auto Show (aka Detroit Auto Show). The company has developed a multipurpose port injector for delivering hydrogen, compressed natural gas, and dimethyl ether (DME) fuels. “Demand for gaseous fuel injection is expected to increase

Stanadyne Injector
Dissecting Fuel System Components

In this episode of Moore Throttle, Samantha Moore of Vector Motorsports breaks down several fuel system components to help you understand what might be best for your particular car/engine setup.

Diesel Fuel Systems and Injector Setups

The secret sauce for getting everything you can out of your engine lies in the fuel system. It’s the heart of a diesel. Make more air, need more fuel, and you make more power.

Fuels Systems and Injectors
Holley Terminator X 220 LB/HR Injectors

With a 220 lb/hr rating (at 43 PSI base fuel pressure), this injector is well suited for V8 engines making upwards of 2,500 horsepower on gasoline.

Holley Injector
Results of Injector Failure Detonation

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris shows you what happens when things go wrong in a high-horsepower race engine. During a test session with a customer’s engine on the dyno, an injector connection failed, causing detonation. Find out what Steve now has to fix.

Steve tech
Holley EFI Terminator X High Impedance 220-LB/HR Fuel Injectors

This kit replaces all components and provide a new, larger, free flowing system that flows roughly 34% more than stock.

Holley EFI Terminator X High Impedance Fuel Injectors

With a wide variety of fuel flow offerings from 42 lb./hr. to 120 lb./hr. you are sure to find an injector that matches your application.

Continental OEM Fuel Injectors for Infiniti, Nissan & Subaru

The fuel injectors are direct OE replacement parts and identical in fit, form, and function to the OE part. They deliver the same genuine quality of OE components.

PurePower Technologies Names Jon Huckaby Engineering Director of R&D

PurePower Technologies (PPT), a leader in the engineering and remanufacturing of diesel fuel injectors and turbochargers, recently announced Jon Huckaby as engineering director of research and development. Reporting to Managing Director Greg Butler, Huckaby will be a key member of the PurePower leadership team and Stanadyne technical team, with responsibility for leading OE and remanufacturing design,