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Stanadyne Injector


Stanadyne Unveils New Hydrogen Fuel Injector at the Detroit Auto Show


Stanadyne is unveiling a new alternative fuel injector for medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicle powertrains at the 2022 North American International Auto Show (aka Detroit Auto Show). The company has developed a multipurpose port injector for delivering hydrogen, compressed natural gas, and dimethyl ether (DME) fuels.

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“Demand for gaseous fuel injection is expected to increase significantly on the path to net zero, driven by the transport market (heavy trucks, trains),” said Stanadyne CEO John Pinson. “Our alternative fuel delivery systems lower emissions, increase efficiency, and improve performance on the path towards zero-carbon fuel compatibility.”

Stanadyne’s new low-pressure fuel injector is capable of high flow rates and has flexible packaging for a variety of port fuel injection applications. The higher flow capacity and fuel-air mixing features of the new injector permit equivalent energy density fuel delivery when compared to traditional hydrocarbon fuels. Its modular design is based on improved materials for robust hydrogen, compressed natural gas, and DME compatibility.

“Stanadyne is working hard on near-term solutions bridging the significant adoption gap between fossil-fueled propulsion and low-carbon or zero-carbon fueled vehicles,” said Pinson. “Decarbonization of the transportation sector is, and will remain, a defining global priority.”


Natural gas, diesel, and gasoline internal combustion engines are forecasted to remain the dominant medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicle powertrain through at least 2040. Renewable fuels offer an effective means to reduce the carbon footprint of these powertrains on the way to reaching global climate goals.

Stanadyne’s hydrogen-compatible injector is making its industry debut at the Detroit Auto Show. It will be on display at the company’s Automobili-D vehicle pod during Industry Days being held September 14-15, 2022.

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