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NGK MOD Series Ignition Coils

Modern high-performance engines need a bigger spark to make power. NGK's MOD Series Ignition Coils fit the bill.

Modern high-performance engines need a bigger spark to make power. NGK’s MOD Series Ignition Coils feature custom primary and secondary windings vacuum-sealed in epoxy resin to increase spark output. They also have high-temperature PET composite housings and high-temperature silicone COP boots so they won’t crap out under severe engine conditions. Pair your MOD Series coils with a set of NGK spark plugs and your ignition system is good to go.

NGK MOD Series Ignition Coils are available for many popular engines including these: 
• Ford Modular V8
• Ford Powerstroke 6.0L/6.3L
• Mopar Gen III Hemi
• Honda/Acura 1.8L/2.4L
• BMW 2.2L-3.2L inline six-cylinder
• VW 1.8L-2.0L and 1.9L diesel


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