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NOS Crosshair Plate 4-Barrel

Based off of the ever popular Double Cross plate systems, the CrossHair takes this time tested design and improved it for better distribution of the fuel and nitrous.

NOS Supercharger Injector Plate Nitrous Systems

Holley has announced the release of NOS Supercharger Injector Plate Nitrous System​s. Compatible with both 6-71 and 8-71 Roots-style superchargers and available in black or silver, they provide 175 additional horsepower and can add up to extra 250 horsepower with the proper jetting.

Holley NOS Dry Nitrous Plates

Holley has announced the release of NOS Dry Nitrous Plates for Sniper EFI Fabricated Intake Manifolds and LS Hi-Ram EFI Intake Manifolds, which “sandwich” between the top plate and bottom base plate.

NOS Wet Nitrous System for Dominator 4500 Flange Intakes

Holley has released NOS Black Cheater Wet Nitrous Systems for 4500 Dominators, which have been developed specifically for 350+ cubic-inch engines with 4500-style intakes. Available for the first time in black.

Holley 4-Bolt Throttle Body Nitrous Plate Kits for GM LS Engines

If you’re running one of the many GM LS-based engines and would like to add up to 250 additional horsepower, NOS has complete nitrous kit options for you.