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The Case for FA-4 Lubricants

One way to enhance fuel economy has been clear for some time: lower-viscosity lubricants, which can deliver enhanced fuel efficiency in the right application. It’s why the American Petroleum Institute introduced its FA-4 category.

Lubrication Specialties Inc. Forms LSI Chemical

Due to explosive growth in sales in multiple markets of LSI’s performance additives, oils and custom lubricant solutions for industrial clients, Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI) has announced a new division called LSI Chemical.  The mission for LSI Chemical is to become the premier international oil and fuel additive leader focused on nano additive technology and

API Announces Improved Engine Oil Standards

The API announced the approval of improved performance standards for engine oils that will provide greater protection and fuel efficiency for today’s gasoline-engine-powered cars and trucks.

Updates on Proposed API SN PLUS Standard

At the Pan-American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Jersey City, N.J., Kevin Ferrick, Sr. Manager of the API Engine Oil Program provided an update on the proposed API SN PLUS standard.

Engine Break-In Oil and Assembly Lube Needs

Engine building is a process that should go well when everything is done correctly. A lot of things can go wrong during those first few minutes following the initial start-up of a freshly built engine. The engine has to build oil pressure quickly so all of the critical wear surfaces will receive lubrication.