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Race Tuner’s Biggest Challenges from a Piston-Maker’s Perspective

Gibtec may be a new name in competition piston-making, but its leaders aren’t new to the craft. Nick Plantus, one of the three founding partners of Diamond Racing in 1968 and his colleague, Rob Giebas from a younger generation, served roughly 20 years with the same operation, usually involved in development programs for NHRA Pro Stock programs. But when asked where he sees the biggest challenges in race engine tuning, Giebas responds with one word: Nitrous.

JE Pistons Expands Ford Modular Product Offerings

JE Pistons, a leader in high-performance forged and billet racing pistons, has redesigned and expanded its product offering for the Ford Modular 4.6L and 5.4L engines along with releasing new part numbers for the Ford Modular Coyote 5.0L. These new JE Pistons utilize a dedicated 2618 alloy Forged Side Relief (FSR) forging that was specifically designed for high horsepower modular engines.

Wiseco Ford Coyote 5.0L Mustang Pistons

Wiseco’s offering is available in compression ratios from 9.5 – 11.1 and includes ArmorGlide skirt coating to minimize friction and maximize horsepower. Pistons include a gas nitrided ring set with Napier second ring for supercharged and turbo applications.

Egge Piston for AMC/Rambler 196

Egge Machine manufactures cast aluminum replacement pistons for a very popular car with a sometimes unpopular engine, the AMC/Rambler 196. Designed by Nash and originally introduced in 1941, American Motors’ first straight-six engine was the 195.6 cu in (3.2 L)-often referred to as the 196. The Rambler version was produced from 1952 through 1965 in

UEM Pistons Launches New Website

United Engine and Machines’s (UEM) new website makes piston selection fast, simple and economical. As the largest piston manufacturer in North America, UEM is proud to announce the launch of its new website. UEM produces cast and forged pistons in variety of forged and cast aluminum alloys that meet and exceed the requirements of today’s high

A Fitting Solution to Lasting Longer

Since 2000, Abradable Powder Coatings have been used in auto production to coat supercharger rotors. These “clearance coatings” can also be used to safely minimize piston clearances, minimize piston rock and slap and promote better ring sealing and increase power. When clearance coatings are used, leak down lasts longer, too. For the last eight years,