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Rottler Report with Jeff Gunther of Gunther’s Machine & Rebuilding

Jeff Gunther of Gunther’s Machine & Rebuilding recently got a new Rottler SG9MTS.

Rottler Report with Nick Cogar of Diesel Power Parts & Machine

Nick Cogar works at Diesel Power Parts & Machine, an engine machine shop located in Missoula, Montana. The shop mainly focuses on remanufacturing engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and connecting rods among other engine machine processes. The shop owns a @Rottlermfg F79A machine that helps keep the shop running smoothly. “It’s been a very versatile

Rottler Report with Logan Vass of Almax Engine Rebuilders

Logan Vass works at Almax Engine Rebuilders, an engine machine shop located in Red Deer, AB Canada. The shop is family owned and operated, and mainly focuses on cylinder head repair, crank grinding & polishing, resurfacing, and line boring, among other engine machine processes. They own a number of @Rottlermfg machines to keep the shop

Rottler Report: 100 Years in Business

It’s a tall order for any company to be able to say they’ve been in business for 100 years, and Rottler Manufacturing can finally wear that badge. A century of innovation and craftsmanship has allowed them to make a name for themselves in the machining, manufacturing and automotive industries, while gaining many customers and friends

Rottler Report with Matt Hussey of MSH Machine

Matt Hussey is the owner of MSH Machine Works, an engine machine shop located in Enterprise, AL. They recently purchased a new Rottler Manufacturing F69A to help machining the diesel engines they regularly build, from Powerstrokes to Duramax and Cummins. “We think Rottler is #1. The dudes over there are amazing and the customer service

Rottler Report with Bryan Neelen of Late Model Engines

Bryan Neelen is the owner of Late Model Engines, an engine machine shop located in Houston, TX. The shop specializes in high performance LS and new LT engine development, all of which are machined on Rottler Manufacturing machines, including their new H85AX. “Once you dial in the sizing it’s very precise and can run cylinder

Rottler Report with Chris Straub of Straub Technologies

Chris Straub is the owner of Straub Technologies, an engine machine shop located in Piney Flats, TN. Their relationship with industry legends have produced unique business alliances that allow the business to offer its customers the best products, services, tech support, and prices – from custom-machined parts to volume deals on national brands and closeout

Rottler Report with Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines

Steve Morris is the owner of Steve Morris Engines, an engine machine shop located in Muskegon, MI. They recently purchased a new Rottler Manufacturing H85AX machining center. With in-house prototype development and CNC machining capabilities, Steve Morris Engines builds close to 100 exclusive, full-custom engines each year. They also have the capability to dyno tune

Rottler Report with Sandy Wilkins of Wilkins Racing Engines

Sandy Wilkins is the owner of Wilkins Racing Engines, an engine machine shop located in Moorseville, NC. The build performance race engines and their team has won multiple national championships and records. They recently purchased a new Rottler Manufacturing F69A machining center. “This Rottler is great because you can do boring, decking, circle interpolation, etc.

Rottler Report with Alan Myers of Myers Automotive

Alan Myers is the owner of Myers Automotive, an engine machines shop located in Sibley, LA that does professional engine machining – anything from racing engines to diesels. They recently purchased a Rottler Manufacturing H85A machine. “We wanted something to accomodate all our needs. We’ve been incredibly blessed with the amount of business we’ve received

Rottler Report with Chuck Priestly of Best Engines

Chuck Priestly is the owner of Best Engines, an engine machines shop located in Wake Village, TX that does professional engine design, machining, assembly, testing, block boring, honing, crank polishing, and a number of other services. They recently purchased @rottler S86A and the H85AX machines. “We choose Rottler because it’s the industry gold standard. They are high

Rottler Report with Todd Goodwin of Goodwin Competition

Todd Goodwin is the owner of Goodwin Competition, a fully equipped, state of the art machine shop that’s set up to do R&D, as well as prototype work. Custom machine work includes CNC machining of cylinder heads & blocks, 5-axis CNC porting, CNC manifold porting and custom piston profiling. All of this is thanks to