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Rottler’s EM45 CNC Machine

The EM45 features universal CNC technology designed for all engine shops and allows you to probe, surface and bore on the same machine.

CNC Update: Features and Automation

Precision is key when it comes to automotive parts; the complex designs of connecting rods, pistons and rings, blocks, cylinder heads, and other parts require super tight tolerances that are getting more and more difficult to be met by hand or with other machining processes outside of CNC.

Rottler’s 5-Axis EM69HP Universal Machining Center

Rottler’s next generation 5-axis CNC multi-purpose machining center offers the precision and speed needed to reproduce cylinder heads with exceptional accuracy.

Rottler SG7MTS MANUALMATIC Seat & Guide Machine

Rottler’s SG7MTS MANUALMATIC touch screen control seat & guide machine. It now comes with two modes of operation, MANUALMATIC and manual.

PERA to Host Honing with CBN Stones Webinar in July

Join PERA for a webinar on Honing With CBN Stones on July 20, 2016 at 10:00 AM CDT. Steve Bauer of Rottler Manufacturing will walk attendees through the new surface finishes parameter and honing with CBN stones.

Roush Yates Engines Installs its Third Rottler CNC Machine

Roush Yates continues to push the boundaries of innovation in its manufacturing process by partnering with Rottler Manufacturing. Roush Yates is now partnering with Rottler and utilizing two H75A honing machines for block honing and a F69A for block machining.

Partnership Gives TWR Funny Car a Rottler Makeover

Rottler Manufacturing, a leading maker of machinery used in all facets of the performance engine-building arena, has joined Team Wilkerson Racing as a technology partner for the 2014 season. In addition, Rottler will be the featured focus on a special-edition Shelby Mustang body during the 2014 O’Reilly Auto Parts Northwest Nationals, at Pacific Raceways. The special wrap will include images of

Rottler Manufacturing F79A

See the capabilities of this quality machine from Rottler Manufacturing. For more information visit

Rottler Manufacturing Open House 2014

Rottler’s 7th Annual Open House will be held Thursday and Friday, October 16 and 17, 2014. Rottler’s Open House has turned into a premier event for industry leaders to socialize, network and share knowledge. The Open House will include two days of technical seminars, table top exhibitors, live machine demonstrations, entertainment and meals. Sign up

Rottler Manufacturing H70 Series Vertical Honing ­Machine

Rottler Manufacturing’s H70 Series Vertical Honing ­Machines are built for today’s modern engine builder and feature: Windows Touch Screen Operating System; Internet Support & Connectivity; Automated hole-to-hole unattended operation, ­offering 50-70% labor savings; CNC Touch Screen Control – easy ­programming for ­automated operation; Automated Load/Force Control for perfect surface finish and geometry; Automatic Lower Crash